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, Teenager Coaching focus on adolescent self discovery, regulate emotions, teenager coaching aims to setting goals for education, choosing his or her higher education plans that covers university, college and major selections. teen coaching in Dubai and Egypt aims to work with adolescent teen to find his or her passion,  challenge negative thoughts pattern, reach greater self awareness  understand life obstacles.

Teenager Coaching 


As a parent are you;

    • Worried about your teenage adolescent ?
    • Wondering  if they are happy and have their own goals in life?
    • Struggling with how to advise your teen or how to make him(her) listen to you?
    • Feeling that they are stubborn, keep secrets, and live in a black box that you are not able to enter?
    • Feeling that your teen criticizes, resists, disagrees, and keeps arguing against your thoughts on what best suits them?
    • Feeling your teenager is not studying enough for his or her high school exams

Is your teenager child, on the other hand:

  • Excited to explore the adventure of growing up as an adult, but confused with life’s difficulties?
  • Seeking independence and freedom; however, you do feel that your parents control you.
  • Feeling stuck in expressing your dreams, goals, and thoughts to your parents.
  • Feels irritated that everyone around him or her see them being teenager as stubborn, immature, and addicted to social media
  • wonder how a teenager can make a passive income 
  • wonder which major he should choose after high school and which career to pursue 

What is Teenager Coaching?

Teenager (adolescent) Coaching is a life coaching branch for teenagers that focus on partnering with your young, beloved child in a self- discovery journey to identify goals, understand life obstacles, avoid negative thoughts, self-awareness skills and most importantly build their confidence without ignoring the rules of parents and build the awareness of accepting the parent’s advice for them. teenager coaching available  in DUbai and Egypt 

Why Teenager Coaching?

Let’s admit the reality, you love your adolescent more than anything, yet you face conflict with him (her). During the teenage years, both parents and children feel overwhelmed. Parents want to see their child strong, focused, organized, plan his life ahead, etc.; on the other hand, the child seeks freedom, and wants to make their own decisions, as they are going into a critical transformation stage from childhood to adulthood where they face lots of challenges and may not feel confident enough to discuss this with you.
This is where youth (teenager) coaching fits in as an independent professional coach that support without judgment and inspire the young person to express freely about anything they want. This may include school and family life, friends or anything else that happens to be on their mind.

How a Teenager Coaching work?

Meeting with parents and child (separately or jointly) to discover goals and challenges and then
the partnering journey starts with the child to:


  • Help him(her) set goals, clear-up and identify what s/he wants to accomplish, direct attention,
    enabling him(her) to move forward, make progress, and take action.
  • Build the trust to discuss difficult subjects, such as schools, friends, and family.
  • Get unstuck through uncovering roadblocks, changing perspectives through discovering the self-
    limiting beliefs and replacing those with powerful beliefs (self-discovery) and push them into action,
    enable them to get the results that they want.
  • How to handle and manage emotions and face life challenges.
  • Create a creative thinking environment that explores ideas and solutions as well as the options to
    move forward toward achieving his(her) goals.


  • Building confidence
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Managing stress
  • Develop good habits
  • Become accountable and action taker




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