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The levels of stress and anxiety among teenagers have increased dramatically over the past few decades. As the responsibilities of the world around them fall on them, more and more adolescents face both physical and emotional health challenges. As a parent, it is difficult to deal with these conditions, or often even to know that your teens are facing them. Many times it is easy to attribute teenage stress and anxiety to a child as normal teenage problems. However, there are often serious conditions that need to be treated as quickly as possible.

Student life got lots of stress and anxiety that negatively impact the wellbeing of teenagers. Which is one of the most important things I work on with teenagers in the sessions for student coaching in Dubai, intending to reduce their stress and build their resilience and coping mechanism

Why students suffer from anxiety

Teenagers, like adults, will experience both anxiety and stress for several reasons. First, these conditions can be inherited, and they can be much more likely to happen to them if their parents have had conditions like anxiety.

For the most part, teenagers and children who suffer from anxiety and stress have factors in their lives that lead them in this direction. For example, they may face exam stress, stressors at school, and even peer pressure. Although most parents don’t realize it, teens are under great pressure in many areas of their lives. Sometimes the body and mind react to these conditions in the form of anxiety and / or stress.

Symptoms to notice

Often these conditions can be overlooked. This is common because the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety are things most of us would associate with normal teenager behavior. However, you need to identify if a problem exists and treat it accordingly, as it can be detrimental to your long term health.

Symptoms of anxiety and high stress include:

Feelings of discomfort. Something doesn’t seem right although there is nothing wrong

Abdominal discomfort that does not appear to be from a physical condition

Dry mouth

A fast heartbeat that is not due to physical exertion

Difficulty breathing not associated with physical exertion

Tightening of the chest, which sometimes turns into a real pain


Swallowing problems


Irritability or anger that seems unfounded


The feeling of not being in control

Inability to focus on tasks

How to help your teenagers to overcome exam stress?

Wither the stress due to exams, pressure due to education, or other school issues that your teenager may be facing, you should spare a good quilt of time to be closer to your child and support him or her.

Parents support

Praise, enthusiasm, positive comments, rewards, and a positive environment are just a few of the ways a teacher can help boost student motivation. Praise a student for positive efforts in the classroom encourages learning. Through praise, a student will understand that he is on the right track. Most of the time, praise will allow the student to do a good job.

Rewards also work well for motivating students. Students love to get candy from the teacher’s candy jar, or even a day without homework because of their good behavior in class. Student motivation can be achieved simply when the teacher awards a Gold Star to an A + exam.

Teachers support

While praise and rewards promote high levels of student motivation, positive teacher feedback is also essential. A teacher congratulating a student on a job well done or sending a letter to the student’s parents expressing how well their child is doing in school can be very motivating for the student. By giving positive feedback, a teacher can let a student know that they are doing well and can also suggest how a student can improve their weaknesses. Through feedback, the student will understand what the teacher expects.

The enthusiasm of the teachers increases the motivation of the students. When a teacher is excited about a subject, it can motivate students to learn.

Professional support

A Professional student coaching in Dubai or any other location is an essential investment for your teenagers, student coaching is a professional coach who stands out of the teenager circle and environment, partner with your child in a thought provoking process to unleash his protentional, reduce stress, set action plan and work toward achieving his or her goals


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