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Self-esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. In psychology, the term “Self Esteem” is used to define one’s overall sense of self-confidence or personal value. It involves a variety of beliefs about yourself, such as the assessment of your own appearance, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. Many researchers who research psychology, have written on the dynamics involved in self-esteem. As per research of psychology, there are two category of self esteem.

Healthy or Positive Self Esteem:

People with healthy or positiveself esteem:

  1. feel accepted;
  2. fell proud of what they do;
  3. believe in themselves.

Negative or Low Self Esteem:

  1. feel shame, depressed and cannot accept themselves;
  2. are hard on themselves;
  3. think they are not good enough.

How to Increase Self Esteem

Human psychology is very complex. The psychologists are researching for a long time to understand human psychology. They achieved a lot of vital information regarding human psychology but they can never come to a conclusion. No psychologist can guarantee what human mind is thinking or what he is going to do rather a psychologist can make only guesses with a maximum percentage or try to forbid him doing something. Before starting the topic – “How to Increase Self Esteem” you have to identify “Why to Increase Self Esteem?” When you can identify the answer of “Why”, you can start working on “How”. Because without knowing the questions it is pointless to find the answers. If you are done with “Why”, let’s start working on “How”.

Here are some tips below regarding “How To Increase Self Esteem”

  1. Identify and challenge your negativity;
  2. Identify your positivity;
  3. Identify your competencies and develop them;
  4. Develop your psychology to admit compliments;
  5. Develop your psychology to eliminate self-criticism;
  6. Introduce self-compassion;
  7. Believe in “Nobody’s perfect”;
  8. Spend more time with the right and positive people;
  9. Shift your focus from consequences to development;
  10. Build positive relationships and avoid negative relations;
  11. Become more confident and learn to say “NO”;
  12. Develop your physical health;
  13. Take On Challenges;
  14. Develop and master new skills;
  15. List your best shots and get clear on your values;
  16. Challenge your limitations;
  17. Stand at edge of your comfort zone;
  18. Develop your psychology to forget and heal your past;
  19. Build your psychology to stop worrying about what others will think;
  20. Read inspirational or motivational stories.

Abovementioned are the most common answers. Now it’s your turn which one you are going to choose to make yourself a healthy self esteem person.


Example 1

You are doing a job in Dubai. But you have a business plan which can be profitable in Dubai. But a few years back your father’s business made a huge loss and the past experience of your father is pushing you back. You are afraid of investing and leaving your current job as well. In this case, firstly you are demotivated with your father’s experiences and started being negative. So look for some motivation. Go and find some startup entrepreneurs who are now a successful businessman. Know about themselves and their stories. Consult someone who thinks positive and encourage you to take challenges. This will help yourself in this case.

Example 2

You are going to attend an interview in a company in Dubai for the position of marketing agent. But you believe that a marketing agent needs to be fit, good-looking and attractive. But you think that you are not much good-looking and attractive and that’s why you got depressed. In this situation, firstly you need to accept yourself as you are. You should know that if you are smart enough and good at what to do in the job then physical structure doesn’t matter. So embrace yourself and if you want you can develop your physical health. But always be confident and possess positivity.

Example 3

You are a businessman in Dubai. But unfortunately, the share price of your company is going down constantly. But there might be a turnaround of the business in the upcoming year. In the meantime, your business partner offers you to sell the shares of your company to another company in Dubai. But you have a feeling that it will be profitable in the next year and also feeling afraid to take this decision. Here you need to build up your confidence and be positive. Because in most of the cases result depends on self-esteem. When you are good at something and confident in yourself you will be succeeded for sure.


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