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How teens find their passion?

How teens find their passion?

Your passion is the interests or talents that you as a teen cannot get enough of, it fulfills you and makes you happy.

Being a teenager is the most flourishing stage of your life, this is the stage that shall define your future, everyone feels happy and passionate about something that fires you up. But in your teens stage, if you did not figure it out and sent time and efforts studying what others influenced you with, it would be too late later. (despite it is never too late but why to take the risk?)

I figure out during my teenage coaching sessions, that mostly all the information and guidance is for the parents to help their teens to find their passion. Hence, I am writing this article for you today not your parents.

Passion is not only about hobbies such as singing, dancing and or arts. you misunderstood the subject of finding your passion for the things you like and usually, it equals  to what are you wasting your time in!

That is why despite passion is the most important aspect in finding your life purpose however it is usually undervalued.

Passion could be anything that interests you. anything where you find the true self in and joy.

  • Numbers could be a passion
  • Troubleshooting your laptop issues by yourself could be a passion
  • Biology could be a passion
  • Speaking could be a passion
  • Writing could be a passion
  • Selling goods to your colleagues in school could be a passion
  • Following fashion trends, could be a passion
  • Setting up all the party logistics could be a passion
  • Cars and speed could be a passion
  • And the list goes on and on and on

During my teenage coaching session, usually, my client asks, how could I find my passion? 

5 steps to build find your passion

List your interests:

Using the above examples, ask your self what is your interest? What is the thing that you feel joy, sense of achievement, pleasure while you doing it? what is your favorite subject in school? Question are endless but the base is looking deep inside you till you list do things you like most. Let your self with the flow and write as much as you want.

 Note: Don’t just list online gaming and Netflix, just dig deep. And even if online gaming and Netflix map it a positive interest. Who knows maybe your passion is building the next top-level online game or become award-winning director?

 Polish your interest:

After listing down your interests, rank them top to down. based on your gut feeling, what you spend more time thinking about, what sparks your eyes more, what your visualize more. Revise them, revise them again till you reach your top 3 interests.


Finding your passion is the corner store for the best future and doing what you love most

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Interest mapping:

Take your top 3 interests and map them to the market, industries, and career.

Find your passion as teens is a foundation to find the career that you will enjoy most. I will help you in a quick example that may help you in this stage.

  • Numbers may be mapped to data science, data analysis, financial analysis, etc.
  • Troubleshooting your laptop could be a passion for computer science, artificial analysis, networks.
  • Speaking could be public relations, media, podcasting, etc.
  • Selling goods to your colleagues could be your passion as a teen to become an entrepreneur and build the next unicorn
  • Setting up all the party logistics that your teens friends will enjoy to the max. What about event management as your passion?

Be patient we did not finish yet! and also you can read the 5 things you need to follow to achieve your goals


Find your passion is the first stage, mapping it to the market needs is the second and most critical stage. This is due to the possible lack of information. Hence what could you do to find information about market needs? I am sure you got it, GOOGLE it!

  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy math?
  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy biology?
  • What type of jobs suits teens that enjoy teaching?

Do your research and enjoy the process.

Visualize the future:

Based on your true passion as teens, interest mapping, market mapping you will figure out the potential jobs that you may land on 5 years from now.

Visualize yourself 5 years from now, landed in the job that suits your passion and ask yourself, would I be happy? If yes. Congratulations you made it. if not, repeat the process.

Finally don’t underestimate the power and creativity within yourself, being teens never meant you accept what being told without associate your passion to it. if you doubt this look around you, the top game-changers startups succeeded just because they addressed the generation Z, which is you!

If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.

Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



      وصفه لذيذة وسهله لحياه متوازنة

      وصفه لذيذة وسهله لحياه متوازنة


      الحياة مزيج من اللحظات الجميلة والصعبة، من النجاحات والاخفاقات، الأهداف والاحلام والالتزامات والمصاعب. ومع تداخل كل المشاعر الإيجابية والسلبية ومع زيادة الأخيرة تبدأ في فقدان التوازن

      فقدان التوازن يعطي المجال لزيادة الأفكار والمشاعر السلبية في حياتك ويزيد من مشاعر فقدان السعادة والارتياح داخلك

      تبدأ في البحث عن السعادة من خلال

      البحث عن الحب

      البحث عن السعاه الاسرية

      البحث عن النجاح الوظيفي

      البحث عن النجاح المالي

      وقد تسعى عن السعادة في أشياء مثل اقتناء سيارة جديده او ملابس جديده او رحلة سياحية وغيرها من الأمور

      ولكن هل شعرت يوميا أنك تملك كل شي ولكنك لست سعيدا؟ هل شعرت أنك وجدت او اقتنيت مع بحثت عنه وسرعان ما احسست أنك فقدت السعادة؟

      لو الإجابة بنعم وتتسأل ما هو السبب؟ ولماذا أفقد التوازن في حياتي عموما؟ ولماذا افتقد للتوازن ما بين الحياة الشخصية والعملية؟

      ذلك يرجع الي ان البحث عن السعادة لو ارتبط بالعالم الخارجي فهو بحث يؤدى الي عدم الاكتمال والإحباط لأنك رهنت سعادتك بما لا تتحكم فيه وتضع نفسك رهن العوامل الخارجية

      السعادة والتوازن يأتي من داخلك

      السعادة الحقيقة تنبع من داخلك انت وليس العالم المحيط. السعادة الداخلية والتوازن في الحياة هما نتيجة لحب الذات وتقدير الذات والهدوء النفسي. ولكن كيف تحقق ذلك؟ كيف تصل الي السعادة الحقيقة وحياه متوازنة؟

      وصفه سهله وبسيطة لحياه متوازنة

      تلك الوصفة سهله وبسيطة من مكوناته وطريقه العمل وما يجب ان تتجنبها لكي تنجح تلك الوصفة وتحقق الحياة المتوازنه و تصل للسعادة التي تسعي اليها 

      الايجابية في حياتك

      للوصول الي حياه متوازنة والسعادة الحقيقة تحتاج الي الإيجابية في حياتك. التفكير الإيجابي وبكل بساطه يتمثل في تدريب عقلك على رؤية الإيجابيات في حياتك، على رؤية الأمور من منظور إيجابي وإعطاء أوامر إيجابية الي عقلك الباطن. من اهم وظائف العقل الدفاع عنك وبالتالي أي خطر يواجهك يتعامل معه عقلك بسرعه فائقة لإعطاء الأوامر الي عقلك الباطن للتعامل مع هذا الخطر

      في دورات التنمية البشرية او جلسات اللايف كوتشينج اعطي المثال التالي

      في العصور القديمة عند يقوم اسدا بمهاجمة انسان العقل يفرز هرمون الادرنالين الذي يزيد من ضربات قلبك ويرفع الطاقة لديك والتي هدفها الدفاع عنك ويعطى عقلك الأوامر للتعامل مع هذا الخطر وبالتالي يركض هذا الشخص للهروب. رجوعا الي عالمنا الحالي تخيل الأسد هو مصاعب في علاقات الزوجية او مشاكل ماديه او مديرك او مصاعب حياتيه أخرى التي لا تنتهي وبالتالي انت في حاله افراز دائم لتلك المادة وعقلك الباطن في مواجهه دائمة لما أطلقت انت عليه مخاطر(مشاكل) وهوما يؤدى الي قلق وتوتر يأثر سلبا علي حياتك وسعادت 

      الاصرار علي السعادة

      تحتاج الي الإصرار في مكونات تلك الوصفة وهو الإصرار على إيجاد الإيجابية وزيادتها داخلك، الإصرار على تحقيق اهدافك، الإصرار علي إيجاد حلول لمشاكلك بطريقه منطقيه بعيده عن المشاعر الانهزامية. الإصرار على تقبل حقيقة الواقع والتكيف معه والتعامل معه بما فيه من حلو مر. الإصرار على إنجاح العلاقات المهمة لديك من علاقات شخصية ومهنية

      والأهم الإصرار على اتخاذ القرار بترك التعلق بما لا ينفعك ويمنعك عن الوصول للحياة المتوازنة


      يمكنك الان تحميل تطبيق الهاتف الذي تتمكن من خلاله اعداد و رسم و متابعه اهدافك الحياتية و المهنيه بسهوله و كفاءه و يمكنك ايضا تحديد مواقيت التنبيه و Modelawer app التى تذكر و تتابع تحقيق اهدافك و ايضا تسجيلات ملاحظاتك اليوميه بسهوله

      الامنتنان و الشكر

      السعادة الحقيقة والحياة المتوازنة تأتى من داخلك والامتنان من اهم المكونات للوصول للسعادة. الامتنان بما هو جميل في حياتك مهما كان بسيط في نظرك فأن غيرك قد لا يكون متاح له ذلك. الامتنان لما هو جميل يساعدك على معرفة قيمه ما هو لديك بالفعل وليس قيمة ما ليس لديك وتوقعك ان حصولك عليه سيحقق السعادة. الامتنان يجعلك تشعر بأهمية الأشياء الصغيرة حولك والتي انشغلت عنها في رحلة البحث عن المجهول وانغماسك في تلك الحياة السريعة والضغوط المزمنة

      كيف امارس الامتنان؟

      الامتنان في ابسط الأشياء مثل

      قربك من الله

      وجودك في وظيفتك الحالية

      ابتسامه اطفالك

      رضا والديك عليك

      صحتك وعافيتك

      تحقيق هدف ولو بسيط

      انظر حولك وداخلك وستجد ما تكون ممتن اليه وتشكر الله عليه

      ممارسة التأمل

      التأمل وببساطة هو رحله مع النفس، رحله معك انت ولك انت فقط. لحظات من الهدوء النفسي تقضيها بمفردك للإحساس بروحك وجسدك وتصفيه ذهنك من الضغوط وهو ما تحتاج الي ممارسته يوميا ولو لمدة خمس دقائق فقط

      التأمل ليس في رؤية ما حولك ولكن رؤية ما بداخلك، الإحساس بجسمك وانفاسك وضربات قلبك وتقليل تسارع كل هذا للوصول للصفاء النفسي والروحي والذي يساعدك على إيجاد الحياة المتوازنة والسعادة

      وستجد في الانترنت كثير من التدريبات والشرح لكيفية التأمل

      ثلاثة أشياء يجب ان تتجنبها للوصول الي حياه متوازنة

      المماطلة والارتباك

      الحياة المتوازنة والسعادة قرارك انت وعليه لو قررت اتباع تلك الوصفة اليوم يجب ان تتبعد عن المماطلة في اتخاذ القرار لتغير حياتك والتوقف عن الارتباك في تحديد ومعرفة مشاعرك والاقتناع بانك تستحق ما هو أجمل. انت من تعطي الأوامر لعقلك الباطن

      عقلك الباطن مثله التربة الخصبة لا يجادل اوامرك ولكنها ينفذها بلا أي تردد وعلية يجب ان تعرف أنك لو اعطيته أوامر سلبيه فان الحصاد سيكون توتر وقلق وحزن وبأس

      لو اعطيته أوامر ايجابيه وإصرار وامتنان وشكر فان الحصاد سيكون راحة بال واطمئنان

      الاختيار متروك لك

      التقليل من الذات

      في خضم تلك الحياة المتسارعة والضغوط والمصاعب تكون النتيجة التقليل من الذات، وهو اقوى سلاح لقتل أي محاولة للوصول الي السعادة والحياة  المتوازنة. وكما اتفقنا السعادة تأتى من داخلك انت وعليه يجب ان تبدأ من اليوم بحب ذاتك وتقديرها ومواجهه إخفاقاتك السابقة والتعلم منها

      النخلص من المعنقدات التى تقلل من ذاتك من اهم الاشياء التى اعمل عليها مع العملاء في جلسات اللايف كوتشينج لكونها من اهمل مراحل بناء الثقه الثقة بداخلك ودعم شخصيتك، حدد اهدافك، اعمل ما عليك بإصرار، واترك النتيجة لله عز وجل

      الأشخاص السلبيين

      السلبية ايحاء وعدوى تنتقل بسرعه، تواجدك واندماجك مع الأشخاص السلبيين سينقل تلك العدوى اليك ويسيطر علي عقلك و يفشل محاولاتك للوصول الي 

      والسعادة و الحياة المتوازنة


      ابدأ اليوم بتجربة تلك الوصفه و كررها يوميا لتصل الي السعاده التى تسعي اليها و الحياة المتوازنه و يمكن التوصل معنا لحجز جلسه لايف كوتشينج مجانيه لنبدأ او خطوات تغير الذات و يمكنك ايضا الاطلاع علي باقي برامجنا او التوصل معي علي الايميل الخاص



      Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



          Career counseling for teenagers

          Career counseling for teenagers

          Which university to choose? Which faculty to choose? Which major? What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your dream job? And more of similar questions that come to both parents and their loved teens in the path of finding the right career.

          However, usually, this is not easy as it sounds and puts your teen in dilemma driven by the lack of life experience and knowing themselves, as well as your fear over their future that makes you and other parents go into a long non-ended debate.

          Career coaching for teenagers became a vital help and support nowadays and career counseling became an important service in all reputable university, this is to enable and support both teens to choose their career and define their career path.


          Some schools provide counselor and career coaching in Dubai and some other countries for high school level students however parents play a bigger role in this journey

          If you are a parent of a teen who is in high school or freshman year who is figuring out their career path, and asking yourself How to help my child to choose his career? the following 5 strategies I use in my career coaching sessions and will helps you.

          5 tips for choosing career path for teenagers


          Define who are they?

          Self-awareness is the first step that your teenager needs which is one of the main steps in career coaching and career counseling, help them to identify who are they? Their values, beliefs, interests, and passion.

          Build a healthy conversation with them, ask them how they see the world, what interests them, how they see themselves 7 years from now.

          Build their career choices bases on who they are, this will make them happy and pursue the life that fulfills them.

          Define their hobbies and passions

          Go with the say “best thing is to do what you love” defining a career path that is built on your teenager’s bobbies, passions, and things he/she loves most would guarantee relaxed and positive emotions linked to the career choice. In career coaching and career counseling, this will be the exercise we ask your teenager to do. Build a list of his/her interests and hobbies.

          Once they have the list, it is easier to match and narrow down options that best fit the list.

          Put your interests aside

          Yes, put your interests, career, business, dreams for your child aside. It is their life

          Support them to choose their career, be there to support, provide information, ideas, and guidance.

          Therefore, career coach comes in the picture as independent career coach expert in the filed of asking powerful questions that unleash your teenager potential and power within

          Read: How self reflection increases your self awareness?

          To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.


          Negotiate do not dictate

          Your teenager’s choices for their career path may be the right choice from your point of view. In this case, negotiate through healthy open dialogue. Your child not only building his career, he is built on how personality as well. Be his friend and mentor, show him and Pros and Cons from his choice. And if he insists on this, be there for him/her and support their dreams.

          Seek help

          Choosing your teenager career path is one the most milestone in his life, hence it is recommended to seek help from an expert career coaching provider or a career counselor who will guide your child in a systematic process that in light them in the process of choosing their career.


          Feel free to contact me or Email me coach@modelawer.com  or contact for a 30 min free students career coaching session or more life purpose and goal setting session for teenagers coaching

          Sessions offered one-to-one in Dubai and rest of UAE and virtually in GCC, Egypt, Jordan

          Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



              Which communication skills required for your job?

              Which communication skills required for your job?

              You do interact with people in your daily life activity, whether it is work, family, friends to convey your ideas and share your feelings. Every interaction is communication and how you do communicate is a way of communication.

              What are communication skills?

              Communication is the bridge between a sender and receiver, communication skills are the capabilities of giving and receiving information effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired outcomes. Communication skills are an important interpersonal skill in almost every aspect of life, in the workplace, the importance of communication skills has become a crucial part of the needed interpersonal skills for the employees and leaders.


              Interpersonal skills or in other words the soft skills became one of the most important skills that you do need to advance your career not only your technical skills. In my career coaching program, effective communication has been covered intensively with my clients because building effective communication in their workplace support and empower their career development goals.


               Why communication skills are important for your job?

              That difficult conversation you had with your boss, the tough meeting you just attended, the pressure you been through in your yearly performance review, that angry client who was complaining over the phone on the bad service he got. Theses are examples of event where communication skills have not been demonstrated efficiently.


              Effective communication skills empower you with the ability to convey your message is a clear, assertive, and simple way to the other. It enables you to perceive the meaning of the information you are receiving from the others in a greater level of self-aware and controlled emotion.


              Let’s take an example: in the meeting with your boss, his tone of voice, body language, words being used, will get inputted in your mind as the receiver. Your mind will provide you with the interpretation of that information the results in feedback which for example your boss is angry and not happy with your performance. You start to react in a defense mood which could include an explanation, excuses, lose of temp, or just freeze and nod your head. This will not stop here! Your boss became the receiver his mind interpreted the information from your words, tone, body language, and response. And most probably the upper hand wins the debate. This is a typical scenario of a WIN/LOSE situation.


              Learning how to communicate efficiently, enhance your interpersonal skills and the art of effective communication. Communications skills are one of the important aspects you need to focus in your career development plan.

              Read: Why networking is necessary for success?







              To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.



              Which communication skills required for your job?

              Verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and written communications are the main three types of communication we are using in the workplace and life in general.

              Verbal communications:

              Verbal communication is the interpersonal skill of how you deliver the information and receive them, it is more than just talking. It covers the words and tone being used. It is important in almost all jobs but mostly for employees who extensively communicate with individuals, such as Call center, customer services, trainers, public relations needs verbal communications to be part of their interpersonal skills

              • Speak clearly and simply
              • Make sure your voice matches what you want to say
              • Keep your goals in mind
              • Improve your empathy
              • Speak for yourself by using the word “I”

              Nonverbal communications

              Effective communication is not only the way you talk. This is a mistake; nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Nonverbal means facial expression, eye contact, body language, posture, and any other way people can maintain effective communication without using language.

              Sales, marketing, consultants, public speakers are examples of jobs that need strong verbal communications skills impeded into their interpersonal skills toolkit.

              Nonverbal communications one of the major aspects I cover in my Executive coaching sessions with Middle and senior management clients.

              • Active listening to others says
              • Build the rapport
              • Be aware of your posture
              • Take full, deep breaths


              Written communications

              we are heavily relying on writing in the form of Emails, reports, or even WhatsApp messages. From the email you do receive, you sense and feel what the sender’s intention is, correct? Wither he/she is complaining, accusing, appreciating, etc.

              written communication is a common interpersonal skill among all types of jobs, however, jobs as a secretary, admin, copywriter, auditors will need to ensure acquiring this skill for effective communication.

              • The intent of the message
              • Straight to the point
              • Accurate grammar
              • Simple and clear



              If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.




              Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



                  Why networking is necessary for success?

                  Why networking is necessary for success?


                  Career development is not only about finding a new job, but it also covers your advancement in the current organization, and both need networking!


                  How many jobs have you applied online on the company’s website and or job-search sites? What is your success rate?! How many times you’ve skipped your company’s annual gathering? Boring isn’t it!


                  Truth is landing a new job through the normal way isn’t working theses day and getting the promotion you looking for through your annual performance outcomes will take you longer time than you think.


                  What is networking?


                  In your day to day activities, when you need something you ask a friend, family member, and or coworker. You seek information from your circle of connection. The same way goes if someone needs an accountant, the employer most likely starts asking his circle of connection for a referral. A circle of connection is the simple definition of a network. Networking is building and expanding your circle of connections for your success.


                  Networking is not only a career subject, I cover the same in my life coaching sessions with my clients who are looking to expand, enhance and grow their connections and relations with people in success and a healthy manner.


                  What is professional networking?


                  Professional networking means building and growing your professional circle of connections. Building a mutual-beneficial connection with people in your industry. This happens through your organization and out of this using your current friends, events, conferences, online networking websites as LinkedIn


                  Why networking is important for success?


                  Studies show that many candidates find their next career move through people they know and almost 75% of jobs are not published online. Today Word-of-mouth is crucial to find your next job move or get your next promotion and celebrate success. Could you guess the answer now?!


                  Career development is an important subject in my career coaching program, that covers how to build scale your career and one of the tools is networking to reach their goals and success.


                  • Build your self brand through networking

                  • Get informed by a potential job opportunity

                  • Get supported by a referral from your network

                  • Networking advances you to the interview you aim for

                  • Be on top of market trend and skills set you may need to enhance

                  Success in your career development measured by reaching your goals and networking is your strongest tool to assure this!










                  To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.


                  Why networking is important in the workplace?


                  Your current work is an opportunity for success, growth, and career development. Networking is not only for your out of the office activities because you need to build your relationships at your workplace to be known and discover-able. Building your brand in your workplace, showing up your skills, extending help, support to others will be a great support in your next internal career move.


                  Start today, stop looking at your smartphone next time you are buying your cup coffee. start with a simple hello, make the best out of the next event or training you will attend, offer help in your company, and get creative it is simply; getting to know people activity. Get motivated by the success you aim for!


                  Feel free to contact us or Email coach@modelawer.com for a 30 min free life coach or career coaching session. Also, if you looking to enhance your kids you can enroll them in one of our student career coaching programs

                  Sessions offered one-to-one in Dubai and rest of UAE and virtually in GCC, Egypt, Jordan


                  Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



                      5 steps to stop overthinking! It’s a destructive habit.

                      5 steps to stop overthinking! It’s a destructive habit.

                      Overthinking is one of the common issues my clients come up with during their life and career coaching sessions, things as “I can’t stop thinking of what happened in last week meeting”or  “that conflict controls my mind, it’s like my brain won’t switch-off”.

                      The more you face challenges, responsibilities, goals, the more your mind got stretched with all types of positive and negative thoughts. Overthinking becomes a habit by time and it is a destructive habit, it leads you to stress and anxiety.

                      What is overthinking?

                      When you think of something too much and for too long, this is the definition of destructive overthinking and it sounds familiar to you, isn’t it?!

                      Why overthinking is a habit and a destructive one?

                      When you practice something for long (ideally 21 consecutive days), you got attached to and won’t be easy to let go. This is what habit is.

                      Overthinking leads to anxiety and stress, reduce your energy, feeling of being overwhelmed, and limits your options for a way forward and solution. Overthinking turns to be a bad habit that holds you from unleashing your potential. that’s what makes it a destructive habit.

                      My clients frequently ask “how can I stop overthinking?” my answer to them is; “what is the cause of your overthinking?”

                      What is the cause of overthinking?

                      Overthinking comes from two forms; stuck in the past or worry about the future. WAIT it sound OK but it is not.

                      Overthinking is different than problem solving, the last involved in finding a solution, and the first involved in dwelling on the issue.

                      Overthinking is different than self reflection where you introspect self to learn about yourself, gaining clarity, and a new perspective. It is healthier

                      Read: How self reflection increases your self awareness?

                      How to stop overthinking?

                      To change any destructive habit such as overthink, the first thing you need to know is to reach an internal decision that overthinks does more harm to you than what you think! here is 5 steps to stop overthinking:

                      1-Hunt the moment of overthinking

                      Overthinking is a destructive habit that you don’t recognize it when you are doing it. it became part of your DNA. The first step is to hunt this moment when you start to replay an event or an issue over and over again. Notice your thinking pattern in this moment and its reflection on your emotional state.

                      2-Eliminate the thinking of what may go wrong

                      Overthinking is a destructive habit that is driven by fear or self-blaming. when you focus on negativity and what may go wrong dwelling your problems won’t help you and freeze your brain. start to change the pattern by focusing on the level of control you got on the issue, options you have, obstacles that in your way. If you have no control over the issue, set a coping strategy for acceptance.

                      3-Put things in the actual size

                      Overthinking tends to make things more bigger, negative, and scary than it is. Things like “what I will do in my next performance meeting, my boss won’t make it easy on me”, “ how would I find a job in such a tough market situation?”, “ Everyone is losing his job, what will happen to me?”, “How would I sort out my family issues?”, “how I will secure my kids’ education?”.

                      You simply make the potential failure as an irrefutable failure. Instead, remind yourself you been there before, you been to different challenges in life and you have found the solution, remind yourself that how this issue will matter after five years.

                      To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.

                      4-Eliminate the tendency of perfection

                      Did I get your attention? We aim for the perfect life for our family, perfect partner, perfect presentation for our clients. Perfections sound beautiful and what we aim for, but the truth is; it is not realistic, impractical, and in most cases not even needed! set a realistic goals and options for your issues that your can reach or achieve instead of being locked up in perfection. this is will stop your destructive overthinking habits.

                      Stop seeking perfection, start seeking progress

                      5-Do your best, stop predicting the future

                      I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH! The biggest self limit belief that stops you from progressing and increase the destructive habit of overthinking. And when you worry about securing the future, you are wasting your energy in something you won’t ever secure.

                      Remind yourself that what you need instead is to do your best, define your skills, strength, and resources you need in any particular issue. Self reflection is a must in this stage to introspect yourself to gain a self awareness over your emotions, values, and beliefs



                      Start today with those steps to stop that destructive habit of overthinking that limits your from archives the success in life and work that you wish for.

                      If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.

                      Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



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