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Don’t Panic, COVID Can’t Stop You Finding a Job

Don’t Panic, COVID Can’t Stop You Finding a Job

Seriously, don’t panic. Just relax for a few minutes, stop thinking about anything and take some deep breathes. That’s it. Are you feeling fresh? Not really? Then you are in the right place.

Everyone experiences the stress of finding a job from one point to another, but COVID has added an extra layer to that difficulty. It is fair enough to be panicked at the thought of remaining unemployed or losing a job. Due to COVID, the global economy has fallen suddenly and it is so much obvious that there are fewer job opportunities within few sectors. But if you look closely, some industries are looking for significant candidates to fill their critical positions. Also, most of the companies around the world have moved towards digital workspace by using technology and a new era has just begun. It may be a great opportunity of finding a job as well. Now a new scope has opened. People can get a job anywhere in the world and they can work from home. In no time, surely the job market will boom again and companies will start searching for worthy candidates. So be prepare and make strategies.

Suppose, during COVID, a company in Dubai is looking for a designer for one of their products. But only the production team is working from the office and they are allowing others to work from home. In this situation, they can ask for a capable candidate from anywhere in the world. So if you are capable enough, you can do the job from somewhere in Asia, Europe, or America to Dubai. Obviously, it is a great opportunity.

If you are still panicking in this stage, you are gonna need career advice and for that, you are gonna need a career coach. Career coaching is one of the best solutions to get career advice and build strategies to move forward in your professional life. Career coaching is held by professionals who have experienced the situations by themselves or observe others in the same situation. Career coaches can be an entrepreneur, highly qualified and experienced HR or maybe a researcher who has a strong knowledge and experience about the career build-up.

The job market is indeed competitive in the pandemic situation and many people have lost their job. But you cannot tell that the recruitment percentage is 0.00%. Obviously, there are scopes that you need to dig down.

six strategies that you can build to get a job during COVID are as follows:

Networking: The most important tip of finding a job in any situation is to build a strong network. If you want any career advice from the experts, networking will be the first one. Maximum job seekers make mistakes in desperation that they limit their strategy to only sending out CVs as many as possible and they completely forget about focusing on networking while networking must be the primary strategy. During the pandemic, job searching is way harder than before. So getting a call for an interview in this situation is so tough. A strong network can carry you to the spot where there is only a 0.01% chance to land an interview and who knows with your charms you can get that job. But keep in mind that, not networking is way better than poor networking. Don’t bother someone who was not on your radar for many years. It is totally against professionalism. Build a strong network and maintain it properly even if you are not benefitted currently. You will surely benefit in the future. Networking is like a tree. Nurture it properly. One day you can eat the fruit. Even if you are not getting a job or not getting any call for an interview, don’t stop maintaining your network. You will thank me later.

Apply Give and Take Strategy: It is one type of networking as well. There are many types of network maintaining strategies. The main theme is that, offering someone for something that he may not ask in return for something you want. You may find it silly but it is very effective. Suppose, one of your friends or ex-colleague works in Dubai as an HR manager and you want to shift to Dubai during COVID. Don’t directly push him to get you a job or help you to land an interview there. Rather list down something that you can do for him and offer him. And when you think it is ok to ask for a favor go for it.

Develop Trending Skills and Capabilities: Sometimes career shifting is not a bad thing. If you are looking for a job when finding a job is the most precious thing to get then career shifting is ok. Career shifting means moving from one profession to another. Suppose you are working as an accountant in Dubai. But due to the pandemic somehow you lost the job. You are jobless and can’t find any other job in the same sector that you are an expert in. Suddenly you do research and realize that getting a job in the digital marketing sector may be easy and it has demand in the market. So you should try for it and develop your skills in marketing. In this type of case, all experts will support career shifting.

Look for Freelancing Job: The freelancing job market is trending. Even in the COVID situation, the market is rising. Company’s all around the world look for freelancers to minimize their costs and get the best work. For a full-time employee, company’s need to pay a fixed salary but when it’s about freelancer they can pay them only for a particular project they need and also there are huge options to choose the best one. So make yourself capable of what you can do best, prepare a good gig, gather experiences and let them find you.

Take Best Preparation For Interview: Everybody knows that finding a job is too hard in this situation. Even getting a call for an interview is so tough. So prepare yourself like this is the last chance. List down some common interview questions, get the best possible answers, face some mock interviews and do every possible thing you can do for it. But if you fail, don’t get frustrated. Start over again.

Attend Career Coaching: When you need some motivation, some strategies, career advice, career shifting, and anything about your career, career coaching is the best option to choose. Career coaches are the experts who can lead you to overcome your panic and frustrations and help you to reach your goal. Career coaching is so much beneficial. Why it is so much beneficial? Because career coaches have the solutions to every problem regarding your career. They will not give you a job. But they will make you capable of finding a job. They will help you build your network, they will take out your strength, they will advise you where you should shift your career and they will also help you to prepare for a job interview. Even there is some career advice that no one ever told you, they will help you to dig them down. Dubai is one of the best places to get advice for career coaching. Maximum numbers of best coaches are practicing in Dubai. It doesn’t require you to go to Dubai to attend career coaching. Anyone can attend their online courses. So anyone from anywhere around the world can join them in career coaching.

Strategies to Deal with Defiant Teenagers

Strategies to Deal with Defiant Teenagers

The most challenging duty of a parent is parenting. This may sound strange but it’s true. When a kid turns into a teenager the parenting becomes more difficult. A teenager is like a sea. You can never predict when the calm sea becomes stormy. The character of a teenager is unpredictable. Sometimes they may obey you, sometimes maybe not. This is very natural and in fact, it is a sign of the healthy development of your kid. You should not call this disobedient. But everything has a limit. When you set a bar of obedience deep inside you and your kid cross the limit, then you can panic.

There are many symptoms when you can call your teenager kid defiant. These are as follows:

  • Always refuse to follow the rules,
  • Ready to argue in any matter,
  • Being unusually angry,
  • Frequently losing temper,
  • Intentionally irritating people,
  • Never accept mistakes and always blame others,
  • Being mean.

When your kid becomes defiant, you need to act smartly. Because in this case, any attempts you will make to control him will affect him negatively. A defiant teen does not want to be controlled by someone else rather he does not appear to have any control over his behaviors.

Parenting is hard work. It’s not like cooking food that tastes bad and you throw it away to cook new food. Parents need to be ready to embrace the worst scenario to help their kids. There are many strategies that parents need to be applied. Sometimes parenting becomes a subject that needs to be learned. Many professionals around you will teach you to parent a teenager. They are called teenager coaches. Teenager coaching is a very effective way to develop parenting skills. Teenager coaching is not only for parents but also for the kids. They help kids to develop their behavior, identify their capacity, and many more.

As said earlier, there are many strategies that parents may apply to deal with defiant teenagers. Some of them are as follows:

Identify the reason: Identification is the most important part to deal with defiant teenagers. For example, suppose you are feeling stomach ache and you go to the doctor. The doctor won’t give you any medicine until he identifies the reason for the ache. Similarly, parents should identify the reason first. Without worrying much, talk openly with your kids. At first, they might try to avoid you. But make him realize that you are always there for him. Stop pushing him too hard to do anything. Let him do whatever he likes to do. In teenager coaching we focus on the reason where it is the starting point of everything, hence you too need to focus on the same!

Think neutrally: Parents need to be neutral. Think first, aren’t you asking too much from your kids? In the teenage, kids want to be independent and they want to make decisions independently. This is natural and every parent must support it. So parents must learn to differentiate between defiant and freedom.

Allow privilege and gift for good behavior: Give and take can be an effective strategy to deal with defiant teenagers. Tell your kids that, they will be gifted or earn more privilege for good behavior and complying with rules and regulations. Otherwise, their existing privileges will be taken away. This can be beneficial but sometimes the effect may be bad. So think twice before applying it.

Listen without judging their opinion: Kids sometimes seek value in their opinion. So when your kids talk to you, it is essential to listen carefully without judging or giving advice to them. Listen to them by maintaining eye contact, so that they could realize that you are fully focused on the talk. Empower the art of active listening to your parents where teenager coaching session is mainly about the coach actively listen to the teenager to identify the actual emotions controls them.

Be aware of the warning signs: Parents need to identify the warning signs of the kids to handle any unwanted situations smartly. There must be some warning signs when your kids get defiant. Try to overcome those signs by talking about something else that your kids like to hear. This strategy may not change your kids’ behavior in a night but trust me you will notice some improvements in a few days.

Get strict and give punishment: If your flexibility and love don’t work, it is ok to be rude sometimes. When you feel that your kid is crossing his limit, he is becoming vulnerable and arguing without any reason, it’s time to be strict. Show him the other side of the coin. Show anger on him, cut his pocket money or restrict his privileges. These actions of parents may be effective sometimes. But don’t get habituated to it. It will negatively impact your relationship with your kids.

Set boundaries on your expectations: As a parent, it is pretty much obvious that you should have some expectations with your kids. But don’t make it a burden on them. Your kid may do something different which is not very well known to society and for this, society may not accept him. But in all cases, the kids may not be wrong. So give them space but you must be aware of what he is doing. It is not impossible that your kid can change the future. So parents must set boundaries on their expectations.

Get support from professionals: The best alternative to the abovementioned strategies is to leave it in the hand of a professional. If you identify the symptoms of uncontrollable defiant behavior get help from professionals. Now the question is “Who are the professionals.” In this sector, the professionals are known as “Teenager Coach”. Teenager coaches will help you to solve your problems. Attend their sessions and suddenly you may realize that it was you who has the problems. Teenager coaches not only teach your kids but they also train your parenting. By attending teenager coaching your defiant teen may start to realize his fault. The coaches also help to build a strong relation and interaction with your kids.

Teenager coaching may be a new term or new word for you but it exists and doing a great job. Dubai is one of the richest and developed countries in the world. And teenager coaching is very much popular in Dubai. Even kids and parents in Dubai are very much attracted to the service. It is also actually service, it is a complete solution for them. There are many teenager coaches available in Dubai who are highly professionals. Following Dubai, many other countries have started these types of programs. With the blessing of technology, you can also attend these sessions online from any corner of the world.

5 Best Ways to Make Money for teenagers in 2021

5 Best Ways to Make Money for teenagers in 2021

Not sure about all the teenagers, but there are a lot of them who want to make money from their early ages. It is not a bad thing at all. Rather parents should motivate them. Who doesn’t want to earn extra money? It benefits the teenager in many ways. It grows their entrepreneurship skill and also let them help to think freely. It is not obvious that they will be successful in their first attempt. But they will learn to find success in their failure and start over again. Parents should also be aware that if they are not doing anything unethical and illegal.

In the teenage, kids can have many obsessions like branded clothes, shoes, electronic devices, and many more. Earning extra money helps them to fulfill their obsessions. Also, there may be many other reasons for a kid for earning money besides fulfilling obsessions. But is it too easy for a teenager to earn money in teenage? The answer is yes and also no. We are living in the era of technology. There are many scopes to earn but it requires a capability to do so. Technology has given us everything that we need to survive but most of us don’t know the proper use of it. There is a lot of infrastructure around us which can be utilized to earn money. To do so it is very much important to choose the better option. For this, parents and kids both can attend teenager coaching. Teenager coaching can be very much beneficial for the kids as well as their parents. Teenager coaching is held by professionals. They are not only professionals regarding the problem-solving issues of teenagers nor the pathfinder for them, rather they are very much expert in technological subjects also. A teenager coach can guide them properly and appropriately.

A teenager should have a plan in his mind for why he needs money in his teenage. So before jumping into how to make money let’s discuss why he needs money at a very early stage. Some points are given below:

  • Fulfilling Obsession: Most kids want extra money at their teenage to fulfill their dreams and fascination. Some likes to use Branded Products, Expensive Electronic Devices, Bikes, Cars, Travelling which are not possible with their pocket money. People can call it to show off and it is one of the most burning subjects in teenager coaching, but everybody must appreciate their thinking. Because you cannot be big unless you think big. So cheer for them.
  • Developing Skills: Some kids are very thoughtful about their careers. They make a map for their career during their teenage. They start thinking about earning money and start failing in what they are doing and also start learning and developing their skills in their sectors. This can lead them to be successful entrepreneurs in the future.
  • Gaining Experience: Sometimes experience is more valuable than money. Sometimes winning experience is less valuable than losing experience. Every parent must help their kids to gain experience practically from their life. Teenager coaching can help parents and their kids to understand the value of these types of experiences.
  • Increasing self-esteem: The intention for making money can increase the self-esteem of the teenager. Kids can understand their capacity and they also learn how to boost it up. It is very much essential for a kid to increase their self-esteem.


Now come to the point on how to make money. In this digital world, there is no need to look for a job on the newspaper route. There is a lot of option for a teenager to earn money by grabbing a computer with internet connection where the buyer can be anyone all over the world.

Five best ways of making a significant amount of money at the teenage:

Dealing with Cryptocurrency: Have you ever heard about “Coin Exchange”, “Bitcoin”, “Litecoin”, “Ethereum” floating around websites and news? That’s because the era of cryptocurrency has been started and they are getting national and international attention. The abovementioned names are some popular cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money that utilizes computer cryptography to secure financial transactions. Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain which is basically like an accounting ledger where all your transactions are recorded and visible to anyone forever. Once any transaction is completed it will be stored there and no one can alter it. Now the question is how you can make money with cryptocurrency. There are many ways to earn through cryptocurrency. But the easiest way is buying and selling cryptocurrency. The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates and sometimes it goes up and sometimes goes down like the stock market. If you have the intention to make money in the short term, it is not for you. Invest your money, wait for the golden time and sell it. That’s it. Some other ways are accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency mining, and many more. You have to study and research a lot. Without your complete knowledge, don’t jump in it. Remember one thing, it has risk also to face lose. If you are not ready yet, make yourself ready. Study on the internet, talk to those who are already doing that. Or you can attend teenager coaching to know more. The coaches also help you to study in this sector as well.

Selling Digital Product/ Service as NFT: Do you know what NFT is? The full form of NFT is “Non-Fungible Token”. At a certain point, most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. But an NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged like-for-like. There is extra information stored in NFT. That extra information can be any form like digital art, music, videos, and so on. But you can think what if anyone hacks or just download the file. Don’t worry. That hacked file or the downloaded file won’t contain the information that makes that a part of the Ethereum blockchain. Have you heard that the founder of Twitter sold his tweet with his signature? He sold that as an NFT. The term NFT may be new to you. But in a near future, it will boom. NFT will be the future. To learn more about NFT you must talk to an expert. The expert can be your parents, your teachers, your friends, or a teenager coach.

Work as a freelancer in freelancing websites: Nowadays there are many freelancing sites. Such as Fiverr. There you can open an account for free. People all around the world are looking for the best services. You must identify his skills first and make a good profile according to your skills. Take the orders from the buyer, surprise them with your ability and make money. While identify your skills based on your studies sound a good idea but it is not limited to that and having a teenager coaching session will help you to unleash your power and start your journey!

Take Surveys: Yes, You have heard it right. You can make money by taking surveys. There are many survey sites like Swagbucks, which will pay you for taking surveys. Besides some of them have referral programs where you can earn more by including your friends in the service.

Start a Youtube Channel: It is a very common but very much competitive way to earn money. There are currently more than a million youtube channels. So if you are ready to be a successful YouTuber, prepare yourself. Think about your content, research what people like to see. Your content may be informative, maybe funny but remember one thing, you need to be accepted by the audience. After opening a youtube channel and met some criteria you can make money by allowing ads to be displayed on your videos by GoogleAdSense.

There are tons of other possible ways for a teenager to make money. But all you need is a guide. A teenager coach can properly guide you. He will help you to identify yourself, your ability. Teenager coaching is very much beneficial for the kids. Sometimes teenagers get overwhelmed in taking a decision and make wrong decisions by investing in the wrong places. Teenager coaches not only guide you properly rather they help you not to be misguided.

Five Steps to empower Teenagers self-confidence

Five Steps to empower Teenagers self-confidence

Self-confidence is an approach to one’s abilities and skills. In other words, self-confidence means that you accept yourself for who you are and that you trust your abilities. Everyone appreciates a confident person. A confident person seems comfortable with her job. It becomes a source of inspiration for others. It is a kind of virtue that can be acquired at birth, naturally, or by developing in many ways. Some people have confidence but it is not enough and some have negativity towards them, which is very important for their life. Therefore, everyone should acquire positive self-confidence. But it’s not easy to be confident all the time when other people try to put you down.

Adolescence is the best time to develop self-confidence in the human mind. This is the best time to learn the behavior and to acquire and develop confidence. But in adolescence, most teenager feel insecure, confused, and self-aware. In this situation, parents or a coach must play an important role. Parents are the ones who can help teens gain confidence. Parents must remember that the way they guide and supervise their teenager today will determine the course of their lives tomorrow.

Self-confidence is very important for building a career, as well as for anyone’s life. Self-confidence enables teens to cope with life’s difficulties, uncertainties, disappointments, and vagaries. Relationships, emotions, expectations, competencies, etc. It can lower teens’ self-confidence. Positive self-confidence helps teens achieve their goals and dreams. It helps them build better relationships and be mentally strong.


5 steps for parents to empower teenager self confidence

1.Show respect and praise often: Parents need to understand that teens are no longer a teenager. They deserve a little respect. Therefore, parents should respect their thoughts, their decisions, and praise their success, no matter how small. It will help a lot to develop self-confidence.

2. Avoid comparisons and criticism: in our society, comparing and criticizing others has become a disease. But parents should keep in mind that both do not give good results, but they limit the mental growth of teenager. Therefore, parents should avoid them.

3. Encourage their decision and let them fail: In adolescence, a teenager may want to make decisions for themselves. Parents should not stop them or force them to do anything else. Encourage their decisions, let them try, and encourage them more if they don’t try again. By doing this, a teenager will learn from their failures, identify their abilities, and also try to find a way to develop their abilities. It will improve their self-confidence.

4. Involve them in extracurricular activities: Regular studies aside, parents should encourage their teens to participate in extracurricular activities. With this, parents can identify their interests and monitor them to achieve their goals. Extracurricular activities are great opportunities to improve teens’ self-confidence.

5. Find a Teenager coach: This is a ready-to-go solution. A teenager coach job is to partner with your child to their emotional intelligence, identify their interests, improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and monitor them toward their goals. teenager coach will help your child to discover the main reason for low self-confidence and help teens to get out of it.

Contact me today for a free Teenager coaching Session that covers understanding your teenager challenges, obstacles and draw the map for resilience, self confidence, and goal settings. Sessions are available in Dubai, KSA, Jordan, and Egypt

Five steps for teenagers to cope with COVID-19

Five steps for teenagers to cope with COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has had a great impact on our lives. Both adults and teenager face stressful, anxious, and overwhelming challenges in this situation. The most effective precaution to reduce the spread of COVID is to maintain social distancing. On the other hand, keeping a distance from friends, family, and neighbors can make people feel isolated, lonely, stressed, and anxious. According to the researchers, adults are better able to cope with loneliness, stress and anxiety than children and adolescents. It is difficult for a teenager to cope with a new environment and a new lifestyle unless properly guided. Therefore, all parents or guardians must teach their children the process of dealing with all the situations they face in their life.

“Proper and healthy parenting and coaching will make a teenager stronger and resilient. “

COVID is an unexpected situation that is a fight for the survival of all. All parents must keep themselves and their children strong and prepare for the pandemic. Sometimes teens can become weak, stressed, lonely, and anxious. Therefore, each parent must help them overcome these difficulties.

5 steps help teenager to cope with COVID-19 pandemic

There are many ways to help teens cope with the COVID pandemic. 5 The main steps are as follows:

1. Stay in touch with them: Teenager should not feel alone. It greatly affects your mental health. Parents must relate to them. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Talk about what they like, what they don’t like, and share your feelings. Parents can also allow call or video call setup to spend time with other family members and keep teenagers happy.

2. Teach them to be positive: as per positive psychology research, positive thinking empowers you against catastrophic thinking. All parents must teach their children to be positive, optimistic, resilient and to think positively. Positive thinking improves mental health and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Creates positive habits: Sometimes teens can get bored when faced with a day without a routine. Therefore, parents should create a routine for their teenager. The routine should contain fun activities in addition to school work. Let them do new things that interest them. Like cooking, gardening, reading storybooks, feeding a pet, and many more. This will surely help them decrease their stress.

4. Stop chatting and listening to news about the pandemic all the time: although it is the duty of all parents to educate their teens about the pandemic. But continually exercising the subject is not good for children. This will create a negative impact on the child’s mind. It will create fear in their mind and they will become anxious.

5. Get a teenager coach: In this 21st century, everything is much easier for people around the world. Today, teenager coach provides parenting coaching and teen coaching. Parents and teens should attend these training sessions to learn how to deal with whatever difficult emotional situations they are facing.

Contact me today for a free Teenager coaching Session that covers understanding your teenager challenges, obstacles and draw the map for resilience, self confidence, and goal settings. Sessions are available in Dubai, KSA, Jordan, and Egypt

Five Tips to Choose the Right college

Five Tips to Choose the Right college

Choosing the right educational institution is as important as choosing a major. There are many options around you. And where there are many options, the likelihood of making mistakes is higher. As a teenager, your career depends largely on where you study. That is why it is very important to choose the one that best suits you. I’m not telling you that, other universities are bad. But obviously, it must be fine with you. For example, you are good at science but have been admitted, which is good for business studies. Or you were admitted to a very expensive college that is beyond your financial capacity and after a few months, you fell behind financially. There are many other examples. So before being admitted, teens and their parents must research all the facts.

Each parent must retain his teenager. But they must pass the responsibility on to their teens. Parents should allow their children to do more research on where they want to study, and parents will supervise and guide their teenager. Adolescence is the time when children must learn to make decisions and gain self-esteem. And to have it, they need the support of their parents.

“Teens should not be pulled back, but pushed forward. So that they learn to explore and make the right decision at the right time ”

Teenagers need to analyze many things before choosing the right institute.

5 key tips for choosing the right college:

1. Don’t rush, take your time and explore further Finding the right college as a teenager can take time and effort. Do as much research as you can. Search the internet, compare the results of the previous forum, talk to seniors, match your interests, and much more. Take your time, but don’t rush or wait until the last minute.

2. Start planning your college before leaving school: It is very difficult to start thinking about your college admission before leaving school. But now is the right time. Because you won’t find enough time to research and explore universities after graduation. Start exploring yourself, your interests, your financial capabilities, and other staff. Do your research, discuss it with your parents, and you’re done.

3. Stop Following Others: Most of the time, teens and parents make this mistake. They follow the others to be admitted. It is the worst decision for a teenager. It’s like donating your career elsewhere. If they fail, you fail too and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Find the right place for you and choose your destination.

4. Calculate your financial capacity: Financial capacity is an essential factor in choosing a university. Suppose you find a university but do not know the fees and other fees correctly. After a few months, you cannot clear the charges. So it will be a big disappointment. In other cases, some universities grant exemptions or scholarships to students. That is why you have to take everything into account.

5. Seek professional help: Another important tip is to seek professional help. teenager coach guide and supervise teens to achieve their goals and help them overcome their shortcomings. Teenager Coach is a highly trained professional and are a kind of psychology encyclopedia of information about teens.

Contact me today for a free Teenager coaching Session that covers understanding your teenager challenges, obstacles and draw the map for resilience, self confidence, and goal settings. Sessions are available in Dubai, KSA, Jordan, and Egypt


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