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Which university to choose? Which faculty to choose? Which major? What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your dream job? And more of similar questions that come to both parents and their loved teens in the path of finding the right career.

However, usually, this is not easy as it sounds and puts your teen in dilemma driven by the lack of life experience and knowing themselves, as well as your fear over their future that makes you and other parents go into a long non-ended debate.

Career coaching for teenagers became a vital help and support nowadays and career counseling became an important service in all reputable university, this is to enable and support both teens to choose their career and define their career path.


Some schools provide counselor and career coaching in Dubai and some other countries for high school level students however parents play a bigger role in this journey

If you are a parent of a teen who is in high school or freshman year who is figuring out their career path, and asking yourself How to help my child to choose his career? the following 5 strategies I use in my career coaching sessions and will helps you.

5 tips for choosing career path for teenagers


Define who are they?

Self-awareness is the first step that your teenager needs which is one of the main steps in career coaching and career counseling, help them to identify who are they? Their values, beliefs, interests, and passion.

Build a healthy conversation with them, ask them how they see the world, what interests them, how they see themselves 7 years from now.

Build their career choices bases on who they are, this will make them happy and pursue the life that fulfills them.

Define their hobbies and passions

Go with the say “best thing is to do what you love” defining a career path that is built on your teenager’s bobbies, passions, and things he/she loves most would guarantee relaxed and positive emotions linked to the career choice. In career coaching and career counseling, this will be the exercise we ask your teenager to do. Build a list of his/her interests and hobbies.

Once they have the list, it is easier to match and narrow down options that best fit the list.

Put your interests aside

Yes, put your interests, career, business, dreams for your child aside. It is their life

Support them to choose their career, be there to support, provide information, ideas, and guidance.

Therefore, career coach comes in the picture as independent career coach expert in the filed of asking powerful questions that unleash your teenager potential and power within

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Negotiate do not dictate

Your teenager’s choices for their career path may be the right choice from your point of view. In this case, negotiate through healthy open dialogue. Your child not only building his career, he is built on how personality as well. Be his friend and mentor, show him and Pros and Cons from his choice. And if he insists on this, be there for him/her and support their dreams.

Seek help

Choosing your teenager career path is one the most milestone in his life, hence it is recommended to seek help from an expert career coaching provider or a career counselor who will guide your child in a systematic process that in light them in the process of choosing their career.


Feel free to contact me or Email me coach@modelawer.com  or contact for a 30 min free students career coaching session or more life purpose and goal setting session for teenagers coaching

Sessions offered one-to-one in Dubai and rest of UAE and virtually in GCC, Egypt, Jordan

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