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The opposite word of relaxation is stress. That means if you are not calm, relax, and chilled you are under stress. Stress is a very natural term for the human body. It is a kind of pressure that can be felt by anybody physically or emotionally or both. Teenagers can also feel stress.  Stress can make people sick physically or anxious, frustrated, and angry mentally. Stress sometimes can make you motivated and sometimes demotivated. It gives you a push to move on and do something good or pull you down from doing something good. Yes, you deserve a break. Stress without break is not good for anyone. But, you should be aware that, stress is a must for life. No matter how carefree you are, how successful you are, you will feel it or have already felt it but you didn’t realize it. The conclusion is, you have to go through stress at a certain point in your life. So it is your duty not to run away from stress. Rather you need to learn to manage your stress.

Many research shows that the best time to learn any psychologically managerial ability is teenage. So every parent must help their kids to develop their mental health. Stress management ability is a great virtue that can be earned naturally and also can be learned by anyone. But it is a fact that during the teenage period most of the kids have their parents to hold their back. Besides parents, there are certain groups of professionals who are dedicatedly waiting to help teenagers to overcome every obstacle they can face in their life. They are the teenager coaches. Teenager coaching is held by professionals with vast knowledge and tons of experience and they help your kids to grow their stress management level. Not only kids can be benefitted from teenager coaching rather it is so much helpful for the parents. Because parenting is also a major part of the life of the parents which they can learn from teenager coaches.

Teenage can be considered as the development period. Mohammed Delawer, a teenager coach in Dubai said, “Teenage is the best time for mental and physical development. How strong they will be in future is mostly depends on how properly they were guided at their teenage”.

There are many ways that help teenagers to manage their stresses. 5 most effective tips to help teenagers to manage their stresses are as follows:


  1. Identify the reason for stress and teach them sharing: Before looking for any solutions, it is better to find out the problems. Because without finding the question, you cannot reach the answer. Parents need to identify why their kids are under stress. The issue may not be too complicated as the kids are behaving. So parents need to openly talk to them and teach them sharing is not bad. Rather it gives relief in mind.

This can happen through an open dialogue between parents and their teenagers but parents need to avoid encouraging their teenagers to not express their feelings for example avoid things as;

  • Stop crying you are a man!
  • It is ok just let it go.


  1. Identify the signs and help them to be distracted: When kids are disturbed by something and feeling stressed, some signs might be visible in their behavior such as sweating, nail-biting, get sick, and many more. Parents need to observe them properly and help them to distract for that particular time. It will give them relief for a shorter period but it will be so much effective. Distraction is sometimes good and it brings so much positivity and energy to you, but sometimes it is so much bad to destroy your whole life. So in this case, distraction is a much effective way to get relief for a shorter time.


  1. Teach them to Meditate and Exercise: Meditation and Regular exercise is a great way to relax and decrease stress. They can help ease stress and improve concentration. They give peace to the mind, relax the body, and improve your ability to handle stress. There is no alternative to meditation and exercising regularly. Not only kids, even at the old ages people must do it to lead a healthy life with a refreshing mind. So parents need to make meditation and exercise hobbies for the kids.


  1. Let kids solve their problems: It is obvious that kids want their parents to solve their problems. But if parents dive in to solve every little problem, their kids don’t have any chance to learn healthy coping skills. I am not telling you to leave your kids alone with their problems. Every parent must help their kids. I am telling the parents to make your kids hero and be the sidekick of your kids. Let the kids try to solve their problems and guide them when they need you. With that, they will gain confidence that they can deal with stressors.


  1. Get teenager coaching from a professional: This term may not be so much familiar to you. But it is a vital one. A professional teenager coach plays a major role to develop the stress management skills of your kids. The professionals will take care of your kids as a small plant. They will nurture them and guide them as much as they required. And let them bloom like a mature and healthy tree. They will not solve the problems of your kids directly. Rather they will guide your kids properly to solve them on their own. Along with kids, their parents can also attend the teenager coaching. Teenager coaching teaches parenting properly. It helps to grow good relations and understanding between kids and parents.

Teenager coaching in Dubai is very effective for teenagers and as well as their parents and it is getting famous simultaneously all over the world. Dubai is one of the best places for teenager coaching. The professionals having a lot of experiences will help the teenagers to manage the stresses and as well as the parents to learn to parent properly.


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