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Why networking is necessary for success?

Why networking is necessary for success?


Career development is not only about finding a new job, but it also covers your advancement in the current organization, and both need networking!


How many jobs have you applied online on the company’s website and or job-search sites? What is your success rate?! How many times you’ve skipped your company’s annual gathering? Boring isn’t it!


Truth is landing a new job through the normal way isn’t working theses day and getting the promotion you looking for through your annual performance outcomes will take you longer time than you think.


What is networking?


In your day to day activities, when you need something you ask a friend, family member, and or coworker. You seek information from your circle of connection. The same way goes if someone needs an accountant, the employer most likely starts asking his circle of connection for a referral. A circle of connection is the simple definition of a network. Networking is building and expanding your circle of connections for your success.


Networking is not only a career subject, I cover the same in my life coaching sessions with my clients who are looking to expand, enhance and grow their connections and relations with people in success and a healthy manner.


What is professional networking?


Professional networking means building and growing your professional circle of connections. Building a mutual-beneficial connection with people in your industry. This happens through your organization and out of this using your current friends, events, conferences, online networking websites as LinkedIn


Why networking is important for success?


Studies show that many candidates find their next career move through people they know and almost 75% of jobs are not published online. Today Word-of-mouth is crucial to find your next job move or get your next promotion and celebrate success. Could you guess the answer now?!


Career development is an important subject in my career coaching program, that covers how to build scale your career and one of the tools is networking to reach their goals and success.


  • Build your self brand through networking

  • Get informed by a potential job opportunity

  • Get supported by a referral from your network

  • Networking advances you to the interview you aim for

  • Be on top of market trend and skills set you may need to enhance

Success in your career development measured by reaching your goals and networking is your strongest tool to assure this!










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Why networking is important in the workplace?


Your current work is an opportunity for success, growth, and career development. Networking is not only for your out of the office activities because you need to build your relationships at your workplace to be known and discover-able. Building your brand in your workplace, showing up your skills, extending help, support to others will be a great support in your next internal career move.


Start today, stop looking at your smartphone next time you are buying your cup coffee. start with a simple hello, make the best out of the next event or training you will attend, offer help in your company, and get creative it is simply; getting to know people activity. Get motivated by the success you aim for!


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