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How to cope With Stress in The Workplace

How to cope With Stress in The Workplace

Stress in most jobs is inevitable. It can be caused by a very demanding boss or a coworker not doing their best. Or maybe you have a typically stressful position, like medicine or law. While a little stress at work can propel you to success and good health, too much stress can be very bad. It can cause a lot of health problems and be harmful.

For this reason, it is important that you learn effective stress management techniques at work. While many stressors may be beyond your control, such as dealing with your boss, there are ways to cope that could save your life. How to cope with stress at the workplace is an important point being covered in career coaching in Dubai

Researches say that Average working hours increased 8% in a generation, to 47 hours per week. One in five Americans works up to 49 hours per week. It can be a great source of stress, not only at work but also at home. Each year, a high divorce rate is attributed to long working hours. The same outcomes can be replicated in different countries especially in businesses hub such as Dubai.

How to cope with stress in the workplace?

Coping with stress is a resilient mechanism to accept the challenges. It is important to realistically assess the hours you work each week. Can you cut and still get the job done? Can you delegate your tasks to colleagues? Can you develop a more flexible schedule? If you consider these options, your work-related stress can decrease dramatically.

Overwork can cause many health problems. You may get sick more often, forcing you to report to work. Absenteeism from the workplace is costly for businesses, making workplaces less productive.

My career coaching clients in Dubai not only worry about their plans but also feel very stressed because they no longer feel safe in their jobs. Layoffs and business bankruptcies have exploded in recent years. With very little job security, employees live in constant fear of not having a job the next day. And because of this, people worry about their retirement funds. It is because of these factors that employees now have little loyalty to their employers, stressful for both parties involved. One of the cope with stress techniques is to evaluate your job security level. Which is reflected form your job performance evaluation, feedback received from your managers, understanding your organization’s mission, and align your goals with this mission? To cope with stress at the workplace does not me to withdraw and accept everything. It is about understanding what you can and can not control? What you can influence? How to accept what you can not control?

Because the work climate has changed, it is important that our own perspectives change as well. Employees should try to reduce their stress, even if they do not feel safe in their work. This happens through assisting the actual reality and truth of the workplace environment, dispute your negative thoughts, and build a strong resilience mechanism. This could mean opening a separate saving plan fund and making regular saving contributions.

If you work to be proactive, your stress levels will likely decrease. Face the fact that you are in charge of your destiny and take control of your future. You will feel a sense of freedom and less unhealthy stress.


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