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How self reflection increases your self awareness?

How self reflection increases your self awareness?

Self reflection helps to identify your emotions, actions and behaviors in any situation that you may face. which improve your self awareness and resilience. however Being busy in life and its ups and downs make us neglect our own self!

With life and work pressures, stress increase and affect our daily routine until it becomes a routine by itself to experience continuous stress. A bad meeting, a crucial conversation, bills need to be paid, and so on. That initiates the inner Self-talk starts which leads to stress.

Stress leads to emotional and physical disorders such as; depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and more!

What is Self awareness?

Self awareness is simply giving time to get along with yourself. Seeing yourself in life as if you were another person observing you. It is about focusing on the reality of your behavior and not on the story you tell yourself about yourself.

What is self reflection?

One of the reflection definitions; Serious thought or consideration.

Self-reflection-in simple words- looking at yourself from a mirror to assess your behavior, feelings, emotions, and reaction regarding an event.

Why self reflection is important for your self awareness?

Self-awareness is important to manage and permanently change your life. Regular practice of self-reflection can help you take the right actions to achieve your goals in the future.

The goal of self-awareness is to feel relaxed, happy and lives your life in calmness. It is to learn and know about yourself. Self-reflection considered an essential learning tool about yourself.

How to practice self reflection?

As I said you can and should apply self-reflection in every aspect of your life. However, I advise my clients in life and executive coaching session to start with 10min a day then gradually increase it when it becomes part of your inner system to reach the level that you do reflect right after the event or situation you been though. I will give you six simple questions you can start with;

  • What is the issue?
  • What did I felt, seen and heard?
  • How did I react?
  • What was the impact and outcome of my reaction?
  • How could I have reacted differently?
  • What my reaction will be in a similar future issue?

Final thoughts:

Being in control of your mind and body is an important factor to reach any goal you set for yourself, hence have is a strong self awareness is an essential skill you should build and empower. I help my clients during life coaching, executive coaching and career coaching in Dubai, KSA, Egypt to excel self reflection.

Start today to observe yourself and reflect, I recommend recording your self-reflection using writing, voice or video recording tool. That makes it simple to retrieve it in the future. You can use the Modelawer app to set a goal with your reflection outcomes in order to stay aware and reminded. Start with 10 min a day preferred to be evening time and in a relaxed quiet place to avoid any distraction and gradually start to repeat reflections through-out the day.

What is Self awareness and how it reduces stress!

What is Self awareness and how it reduces stress!

In nutshell

We don’t spend time with ourselves for ourselves!

You are Scrolling down on Instagram and see a photo of food and that trigger “WOW, I am hungry”. But what triggers the feeling of being stressed in you? What triggers the anxiety in you?

When suddenly you remember a bad meeting you been into today, a crucial conversation you had with your boss, pending report you did not finish today, financial issues you are facing and so on.

When those thoughts pop-up in mind, what happens next? Self-inner talk starts, and a long dialog starts to take place between you and your self, a small control tower in your brain called hypothalamus decides to send out the order; the stress hormones!

Stress leads to sleepless nights, exhaustion, excessive worry, lack of focus, and irritability. Even physical symptoms – like rapid heart rate, muscle tension, and headaches

If you let yourself with the flow and did not stop to think about all this, you are putting yourself on autopilot mode and allowing those thoughts, behavior and reactions to control you.

How to reduce stress and avoid anxiety?

Ask yourself what triggers the stress in you?  What initiates those thoughts and inner talk? How do you feel in that state? How your body reacts? and that what is called Self-awareness.

What is self awareness?

 Self-awareness is simply giving time to get along with yourself Understanding your personality, your values, your relationships, and your beliefs. Self-awareness includes understanding how you process your experiences. Ability to manage the self and its feelings, reactions, habits, and behaviors

Why self awareness is important?

Self awareness is one of the most life fundamentals and the most ignored one as well.

It is the awareness of your body responses, thinking patterns and thoughts, including feelings, desires and the way you react. Plus, and most importantly how these relate to each other – awareness of how the mind-body connection reacts with the external world.

As I mentioned if your mind reacts to thoughts in pilot mode, then they control you! If you want to control them, you should focus and identify the triggers as well as how your mind processes them?

Start with the stress and anger moment. Think about;

  • what made me stress?
  • What I have thought about it?
  • What and when this situation happened?
  • Who is involved?
  • Is it one-off or repeatedly happening?
  • How I reacted at this moment? And keep digging deep!

Discovering the trigger and how your mind reacts until it gives the order to be stressed is the self-awareness.

Example, while you are at home watching a movie, then all of the sudden you feel your body getting tense, heartbeat increases slowly, there is a vague image hits your mind about that bad meeting you had with your boss a few days back and in seconds you get stressed and all your mood changes! Let’s reverse it;

  • what made me stress?  That image about the meeting
  • What I have thought about it? How unfair my boss is, he never listens to me, I can’t express my thoughts with him, I cannot even defend my point, and so on
  • What and when this situation happened? A meeting with my boss four days back
  • Who is involved? My boss
  • Is it one-off or repeatedly happening? Yes
  • How I reacted at this moment? I freeze, my body got so tensed

Can you see how things became more logical, now what should you do?

Practice self reflection decides what is in your control and what is not and get yourself together to let go.

How to practice self awareness?

Look at yourself independently

See yourself as you really are! Though identifying and writing the following Self-perceptions;

  • Things you are good at
  • Things need to be improved.
  • Things you are proud of.
  • Your childhood and what made you happy back then.
  • Seek honest feedback from someone you truly trust, about what he/she sees and feels you?

In the end, you will come out with a fresh new perspective on yourself and your life.

Keep a journal. 

It sounds an old fashion, but it is proven to be a mind relive and I recommended to my clients in life coaching sessions, writing almost everything you want in a journal relive the mind of those ideas and free up space for new information.

I advise my coaching client to a specific time on the day to write down their thoughts, feelings, ups, and downs for the day. This will lead to self-reflection

Tip: you can use a journal apps which most of them has a password to keep your data protected

Define and set your goals

Dreams without goals are just dreams! That stays in our mind and keep it busy without directions or vision. Turn your dreams or even small things you want to accomplish in the short and long term into a defined SMART goal and break them into sub-goals that make you taste and celebrate small wins. Setting and achieving goals is a lengthy process, so you Download Modealwer app that helps you in creating your life goals, career goals, leadership goals, productivity goals, financial goals, and stay on track. Also,

Self reflection

In order to have self-awareness, performing self reflection is a must. Again I advise my clients during the life or executive coaching sessions to preform self-reflection at least once a day and gradually increase to be done right after an even take place that they feel they need to reflect. For example, an argument took place with their spouse or tough meeting at work. Self-reflection applies to you as a person in any situation you face in life and or as a leader in your organization.

Final thoughts

Magic won’t happen overnight; self-awareness is a process just any other process that needs time and commitment. During this process if you got hit by those inner thoughts which you aware it will lead you to stress, change your body state stand up, take a walk, shake your body, etc. start a positive inner talk, tell yourself it does not matter, it does not worth, go more into positive talks where the sky is the limit! That may work especially if you started before a significant emotion take control.


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