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5 ways to reach balance in life and reduce stress

5 ways to reach balance in life and reduce stress

Balance in life is simple yet complicated for everyone. You feel stretched from many directions such as work, family, financial liabilities, personal goals, and more. Which makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and lose hope. If you feel so, you need to relook in your life and dive deep into finding your balance in life.

Living with a balance in life means you are living in harmony and going with the life ups and downs. It comes in emotional and physical forms. Balance in life can be in the form of finding time to achieve what you want, finding time to spend with family or finding time for your hobby. It is the balance in all aspects of life.

Follow those 7 Dynamic Strategies for Creating a Life that Works to start the balance in a life journey.

The following 5 ways will make you reach a balance in life and reduce stress. Every step will be followed by a question that I ask my clients in such situations during life coaching or career coaching sessions to bring insights to you.

1- Life assessment as it is now

Before you take any step toward finding the balance in life you will need to assess your current situation. The first step is to take a self-assessment for your life. List down your life aspects such as family, work, health, etc. on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is not satisfied at all and 10 is absolutely satisfied) rate your level of satisfaction in every aspect of your life. That will give you a clear overview of how your life stands now and reflects areas where you least satisfied.

Which areas in life are you overwhelmed with right now?


2- Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate

It is self-explanatory, simply let go and eliminate are the non-important aspects in your life. Those that take lots of space in your mind and affect your emotions which at the end affect your balance in life negatively. Take some time with yourself and practice self-reflection to define things in your life which is not important and eliminate them wither to get rid of them or delegate someone to do it for you.

What is really important in your life right now?

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3- Avoid multi-tasking

 Imagine your life as a backpack, now start to fill it with work, spouse, kids, friends, toxic people, people who you care about, loans, lifestyle needs, hobbies, and more. How would you feel? How heavy the backpack is becoming? That happens when you can’t say NO

Balance in life is about regulating it, setting boundaries and avoiding the illusion of multi-tasking which you are getting fooled with. Time is the only unchanged factor in life, work on organizing it after eliminating what is not important you will find a space to make your life backpack less heave and slowly gain the balance in life.

If you have all the time you need in life, what will be the first thing you do?

4- Recharge your self-battery

Balance in life won’t be achieved if you’re constantly stretched out and stressed that will makes you overwhelmed and burnout. Take time to recharge yourself through a quiet relaxing time with yourself, family, friends, practice meditation, have a good sleep, exercise and anything else that makes you feel good.

What makes you happy and fulfilled?


5- Define your priorities


It may sound simple and over spoken but one major aspect of finding balance in life is defining your priorities through setting your life and work goals, making them SMART goals and achieve them. When you define your priorities in life inaccurate way you will take care of what is important for you and won’t suffer or run out of resources. Warren Buffett has a great strategy you can use which is called 5/25 strategy for setting your goals for success.

If you have all the resources, how do you picture yourself in the next three years?


Finally, finding balance in life is a way that makes you find harmony in life within your heart and mind. Follow those tactics and let me know how it works for you. you can email me on coach@modelawer.com also you can book a free appointment


Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)




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