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5 powerful tactics for Forming the Life you want

5 powerful tactics for Forming the Life you want

Everyone wants a balance in life that works effectively, whether that means harmonious relationships, a happy family life, a successful career, or the achievement of an important mission. People with successful lives take certain actions consistently.

Let’s face it, life can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster that takes you all way up and down so fast without even realizing or being in control. Life can be as a backpack full of liabilities, unachieved goals, troubles and tough times that makes you stressed and may feel that you are not grounded,

A balance in life means you are in control of the important aspect in your life, prevent yourself from being stretched from all directions and on the edge all the time. Finding balance in your life also means that you are in control of your heart and mind.

These seven tactics shall bring more satisfaction to your life and enable you to find balance in life.

1- Define the Rules

Rules are made to be broken! People use this seeking freedom however, on the contrary, to find balance in life you need to define your own rules and your life blueprint.  Following your rules creates harmony in your life and relations. Be clear with people around you, lets them understand your rules and boundaries. Rules are not fixed for a lifetime, things change around you, hence you should be able to reevaluate your rules and change them the best the suits you. It is a dynamic process.

2- Turn Refusals into opportunities

We cannot please everyone nor organize our lives based on what others want. However, we can achieve our maximum potential. Refusals and failures are learning opportunities.

understand that you will face resistance when you attempt to do good things. Allow that to strengthen your resources to become more mindful.

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3- Define your strength to unleash the power within

Focus on your strength, areas where you shine, skills where you excel and empower this. Avoid comparing your weakness to other’s strengths that put your down. The more your focus on failure, weakness the more you dive in blame and victim mood which increases your stress and anxiety. Balance in life is about understanding both your weaknesses and strength. Then empowering your gifts and talent.

4- Define your values and beliefs

Finding balance in life comes from within not the external factors, hence spend time to define your values and beliefs.

Values: the ethics and standards that stand important for you in life and define what is right and wrong for you.

Beliefs: the acceptance that something is true and exists

Values and beliefs differ from one to another, hence, to find balance in life, you should define yours to understand how you perceive the world.

5- Avoid assuming

This is one of the most difficult tactics, due to you and all of us never stop assuming what the others think or perceive things. This happens in a meeting, discussion with your spouse, family, friends, etc. we even jump into the others’ heads to assume what they will say next and quickly we jump to answers while we did not even listen to what they say. You should stop assuming right now, instead, start to actively listen and ask questions that will enable you to manage things effectively and reach the balance in life you are looking for.


Finally, finding balance in life is a way that makes you find harmony in life within your heart and mind. Follow those tactics and let me know how it works for you. you can email me on coach@modelawer.com also you can book a free appointment


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