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How teens find their passion?

How teens find their passion?

Your passion is the interests or talents that you as a teen cannot get enough of, it fulfills you and makes you happy.

Being a teenager is the most flourishing stage of your life, this is the stage that shall define your future, everyone feels happy and passionate about something that fires you up. But in your teens stage, if you did not figure it out and sent time and efforts studying what others influenced you with, it would be too late later. (despite it is never too late but why to take the risk?)

I figure out during my teenage coaching sessions, that mostly all the information and guidance is for the parents to help their teens to find their passion. Hence, I am writing this article for you today not your parents.

Passion is not only about hobbies such as singing, dancing and or arts. you misunderstood the subject of finding your passion for the things you like and usually, it equals  to what are you wasting your time in!

That is why despite passion is the most important aspect in finding your life purpose however it is usually undervalued.

Passion could be anything that interests you. anything where you find the true self in and joy.

  • Numbers could be a passion
  • Troubleshooting your laptop issues by yourself could be a passion
  • Biology could be a passion
  • Speaking could be a passion
  • Writing could be a passion
  • Selling goods to your colleagues in school could be a passion
  • Following fashion trends, could be a passion
  • Setting up all the party logistics could be a passion
  • Cars and speed could be a passion
  • And the list goes on and on and on

During my teenage coaching session, usually, my client asks, how could I find my passion? 

5 steps to build find your passion

List your interests:

Using the above examples, ask your self what is your interest? What is the thing that you feel joy, sense of achievement, pleasure while you doing it? what is your favorite subject in school? Question are endless but the base is looking deep inside you till you list do things you like most. Let your self with the flow and write as much as you want.

 Note: Don’t just list online gaming and Netflix, just dig deep. And even if online gaming and Netflix map it a positive interest. Who knows maybe your passion is building the next top-level online game or become award-winning director?

 Polish your interest:

After listing down your interests, rank them top to down. based on your gut feeling, what you spend more time thinking about, what sparks your eyes more, what your visualize more. Revise them, revise them again till you reach your top 3 interests.


Finding your passion is the corner store for the best future and doing what you love most

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Interest mapping:

Take your top 3 interests and map them to the market, industries, and career.

Find your passion as teens is a foundation to find the career that you will enjoy most. I will help you in a quick example that may help you in this stage.

  • Numbers may be mapped to data science, data analysis, financial analysis, etc.
  • Troubleshooting your laptop could be a passion for computer science, artificial analysis, networks.
  • Speaking could be public relations, media, podcasting, etc.
  • Selling goods to your colleagues could be your passion as a teen to become an entrepreneur and build the next unicorn
  • Setting up all the party logistics that your teens friends will enjoy to the max. What about event management as your passion?

Be patient we did not finish yet! and also you can read the 5 things you need to follow to achieve your goals


Find your passion is the first stage, mapping it to the market needs is the second and most critical stage. This is due to the possible lack of information. Hence what could you do to find information about market needs? I am sure you got it, GOOGLE it!

  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy math?
  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy biology?
  • What type of jobs suits teens that enjoy teaching?

Do your research and enjoy the process.

Visualize the future:

Based on your true passion as teens, interest mapping, market mapping you will figure out the potential jobs that you may land on 5 years from now.

Visualize yourself 5 years from now, landed in the job that suits your passion and ask yourself, would I be happy? If yes. Congratulations you made it. if not, repeat the process.

Finally don’t underestimate the power and creativity within yourself, being teens never meant you accept what being told without associate your passion to it. if you doubt this look around you, the top game-changers startups succeeded just because they addressed the generation Z, which is you!

If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.

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