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Five Steps to empower Teenagers self-confidence

Five Steps to empower Teenagers self-confidence

Self-confidence is an approach to one’s abilities and skills. In other words, self-confidence means that you accept yourself for who you are and that you trust your abilities. Everyone appreciates a confident person. A confident person seems comfortable with her job. It becomes a source of inspiration for others. It is a kind of virtue that can be acquired at birth, naturally, or by developing in many ways. Some people have confidence but it is not enough and some have negativity towards them, which is very important for their life. Therefore, everyone should acquire positive self-confidence. But it’s not easy to be confident all the time when other people try to put you down.

Adolescence is the best time to develop self-confidence in the human mind. This is the best time to learn the behavior and to acquire and develop confidence. But in adolescence, most teenager feel insecure, confused, and self-aware. In this situation, parents or a coach must play an important role. Parents are the ones who can help teens gain confidence. Parents must remember that the way they guide and supervise their teenager today will determine the course of their lives tomorrow.

Self-confidence is very important for building a career, as well as for anyone’s life. Self-confidence enables teens to cope with life’s difficulties, uncertainties, disappointments, and vagaries. Relationships, emotions, expectations, competencies, etc. It can lower teens’ self-confidence. Positive self-confidence helps teens achieve their goals and dreams. It helps them build better relationships and be mentally strong.


5 steps for parents to empower teenager self confidence

1.Show respect and praise often: Parents need to understand that teens are no longer a teenager. They deserve a little respect. Therefore, parents should respect their thoughts, their decisions, and praise their success, no matter how small. It will help a lot to develop self-confidence.

2. Avoid comparisons and criticism: in our society, comparing and criticizing others has become a disease. But parents should keep in mind that both do not give good results, but they limit the mental growth of teenager. Therefore, parents should avoid them.

3. Encourage their decision and let them fail: In adolescence, a teenager may want to make decisions for themselves. Parents should not stop them or force them to do anything else. Encourage their decisions, let them try, and encourage them more if they don’t try again. By doing this, a teenager will learn from their failures, identify their abilities, and also try to find a way to develop their abilities. It will improve their self-confidence.

4. Involve them in extracurricular activities: Regular studies aside, parents should encourage their teens to participate in extracurricular activities. With this, parents can identify their interests and monitor them to achieve their goals. Extracurricular activities are great opportunities to improve teens’ self-confidence.

5. Find a Teenager coach: This is a ready-to-go solution. A teenager coach job is to partner with your child to their emotional intelligence, identify their interests, improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and monitor them toward their goals. teenager coach will help your child to discover the main reason for low self-confidence and help teens to get out of it.

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