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Which communication skills required for your job?

Which communication skills required for your job?

You do interact with people in your daily life activity, whether it is work, family, friends to convey your ideas and share your feelings. Every interaction is communication and how you do communicate is a way of communication.

What are communication skills?

Communication is the bridge between a sender and receiver, communication skills are the capabilities of giving and receiving information effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired outcomes. Communication skills are an important interpersonal skill in almost every aspect of life, in the workplace, the importance of communication skills has become a crucial part of the needed interpersonal skills for the employees and leaders.


Interpersonal skills or in other words the soft skills became one of the most important skills that you do need to advance your career not only your technical skills. In my career coaching program, effective communication has been covered intensively with my clients because building effective communication in their workplace support and empower their career development goals.


 Why communication skills are important for your job?

That difficult conversation you had with your boss, the tough meeting you just attended, the pressure you been through in your yearly performance review, that angry client who was complaining over the phone on the bad service he got. Theses are examples of event where communication skills have not been demonstrated efficiently.


Effective communication skills empower you with the ability to convey your message is a clear, assertive, and simple way to the other. It enables you to perceive the meaning of the information you are receiving from the others in a greater level of self-aware and controlled emotion.


Let’s take an example: in the meeting with your boss, his tone of voice, body language, words being used, will get inputted in your mind as the receiver. Your mind will provide you with the interpretation of that information the results in feedback which for example your boss is angry and not happy with your performance. You start to react in a defense mood which could include an explanation, excuses, lose of temp, or just freeze and nod your head. This will not stop here! Your boss became the receiver his mind interpreted the information from your words, tone, body language, and response. And most probably the upper hand wins the debate. This is a typical scenario of a WIN/LOSE situation.


Learning how to communicate efficiently, enhance your interpersonal skills and the art of effective communication. Communications skills are one of the important aspects you need to focus in your career development plan.

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Which communication skills required for your job?

Verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and written communications are the main three types of communication we are using in the workplace and life in general.

Verbal communications:

Verbal communication is the interpersonal skill of how you deliver the information and receive them, it is more than just talking. It covers the words and tone being used. It is important in almost all jobs but mostly for employees who extensively communicate with individuals, such as Call center, customer services, trainers, public relations needs verbal communications to be part of their interpersonal skills

  • Speak clearly and simply
  • Make sure your voice matches what you want to say
  • Keep your goals in mind
  • Improve your empathy
  • Speak for yourself by using the word “I”

Nonverbal communications

Effective communication is not only the way you talk. This is a mistake; nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Nonverbal means facial expression, eye contact, body language, posture, and any other way people can maintain effective communication without using language.

Sales, marketing, consultants, public speakers are examples of jobs that need strong verbal communications skills impeded into their interpersonal skills toolkit.

Nonverbal communications one of the major aspects I cover in my Executive coaching sessions with Middle and senior management clients.

  • Active listening to others says
  • Build the rapport
  • Be aware of your posture
  • Take full, deep breaths


Written communications

we are heavily relying on writing in the form of Emails, reports, or even WhatsApp messages. From the email you do receive, you sense and feel what the sender’s intention is, correct? Wither he/she is complaining, accusing, appreciating, etc.

written communication is a common interpersonal skill among all types of jobs, however, jobs as a secretary, admin, copywriter, auditors will need to ensure acquiring this skill for effective communication.

  • The intent of the message
  • Straight to the point
  • Accurate grammar
  • Simple and clear



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