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How to find a job in Dubai with no experience for fresh graduate

How to find a job in Dubai with no experience for fresh graduate

how a fresh graduate or a teenager could find a job without experience? In today’s job market in Dubai and else where, this is a very frustrating task for many, especially newcomers who have just graduated or a teenagers and are looking to find employment. When you have completed your studies, you will be tagged as new-to-market. There is a common myth “you have to have the experience to find a job with at least one year.” And you might be wondering especially if you still a teenager studying and looking to find a job that brings extra income for you “How can I be an experienced person without a job?” Or ” how to get a job without experience?”

Fresh graduates and teenagers are often faced with the never-ending dilemma of how to get a job without any prior work experience or how to get the relevant experience without having a job in the first place. It is a bit difficult but not impossible. If you are capable and know a basic trick, you will surely land your first job in the right place. As in other countries, the situation in Dubai is the same for the new to market teenagers’ graduates.

5 tips on how a teenager or a graduate can get a job in Dubai

Build your network

One word that makes professionals shudder is networking. Networking helps you get to know and develop your connection, helping you find a job, rather than simply relying on your resume. Networking is greatly beneficial for finding employment in Dubai. Dubai is no different from major cities in the world where recruitment is done mainly based on internal recommendations. While CV-only interviews can help employers find strong candidates, relying on the company employees’ networks is a strong source of candidates. Start from now and build a strong network between friends, neighbors and friends of friends and whenever possible and of course start early, I mean from NOW!

Create Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website built especially for professionals. It has more than 500 million members and it work for graduate as well. A LinkedIn profile is the first stone that exists in the global market, building your network and personal brand that can help you open doors to opportunities and networks that you may not have expected before. It allows you to highlight your profile, your experience, your connections, and your recommendations. In Dubai, most recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates. Having a valid and professional LinkedIn profile helps you build trust from recruiters and employers. So, don’t underestimate it. Getting your first job in Dubai via LinkedIn can be a big step.

Tell everyone you are looking for work

Why would you build your network if they will not know that you are looking for hob? Sound no brainer, correct? But still, I can read your mind, you are hesitant to tell your network? Being a fresh graduate or a teenager looking for a job may make you feel not ready yet or maybe you just shy to ask. But the truth is you won’t get what you want in life unless you ask for it!

Tell everyone in your network that you are looking for a job and to solve those negative thoughts in your mind, do not ask for a job instead just till you network if they heard about any opening or vacancy to tell you also you can share your CV with them and ask for feedback and this good enough for them to know that you are looking for a job. All you need is the information and introduction this is a big step toward getting the job you want in Dubai or elsewhere.

Be the GO-Get it

Don’t wait for a graduation diploma or certificate, don’t just sit and wait till a job comes to you this won’t happen. If you are just graduated Or will be graduated soon answer the following:

  • What is your plan?
  • What is the career you want to pursue?
  • Do you have what it takes for that career?

Start from today and be ready for the job market, do your research, gather information, and empower your capabilities. Simply the job market in Dubai is not that easy. Where thousands are competing with you, hence gear up for the race and you could also get a career coach in Dubai that partner with you and help you to achieve your goal or a teenager coach in Dubai that works with you to define your passion and future goals.


Is an internship necessary or useful to get a job? The answer is yes. “An internship is necessary because it can introduce the candidate to new skills and opportunities that they would not otherwise receive. Not only do they gain practical knowledge in the sector of their choice, but they also learn to cooperate with professionals in the workplace and develop skills. essentials like time management, adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork Employers today expect graduate students to have work experience Not just any kind of work experience Employers want to see an internship Practical work experience is of great importance when It is about entering the job market without experience, everything is competition.

Most teenage students are unfamiliar with business life. After graduating, they find themselves in the middle of an ocean. To empower them and help them find a job, career coaching for students in Dubai would be a great help for your to design and navigate your plans and goals.

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5 ways to reach balance in life and reduce stress

5 ways to reach balance in life and reduce stress

Balance in life is simple yet complicated for everyone. You feel stretched from many directions such as work, family, financial liabilities, personal goals, and more. Which makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and lose hope. If you feel so, you need to relook in your life and dive deep into finding your balance in life.

Living with a balance in life means you are living in harmony and going with the life ups and downs. It comes in emotional and physical forms. Balance in life can be in the form of finding time to achieve what you want, finding time to spend with family or finding time for your hobby. It is the balance in all aspects of life.

Follow those 7 Dynamic Strategies for Creating a Life that Works to start the balance in a life journey.

The following 5 ways will make you reach a balance in life and reduce stress. Every step will be followed by a question that I ask my clients in such situations during life coaching or career coaching sessions to bring insights to you.

1- Life assessment as it is now

Before you take any step toward finding the balance in life you will need to assess your current situation. The first step is to take a self-assessment for your life. List down your life aspects such as family, work, health, etc. on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is not satisfied at all and 10 is absolutely satisfied) rate your level of satisfaction in every aspect of your life. That will give you a clear overview of how your life stands now and reflects areas where you least satisfied.

Which areas in life are you overwhelmed with right now?


2- Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate

It is self-explanatory, simply let go and eliminate are the non-important aspects in your life. Those that take lots of space in your mind and affect your emotions which at the end affect your balance in life negatively. Take some time with yourself and practice self-reflection to define things in your life which is not important and eliminate them wither to get rid of them or delegate someone to do it for you.

What is really important in your life right now?

To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.

3- Avoid multi-tasking

 Imagine your life as a backpack, now start to fill it with work, spouse, kids, friends, toxic people, people who you care about, loans, lifestyle needs, hobbies, and more. How would you feel? How heavy the backpack is becoming? That happens when you can’t say NO

Balance in life is about regulating it, setting boundaries and avoiding the illusion of multi-tasking which you are getting fooled with. Time is the only unchanged factor in life, work on organizing it after eliminating what is not important you will find a space to make your life backpack less heave and slowly gain the balance in life.

If you have all the time you need in life, what will be the first thing you do?

4- Recharge your self-battery

Balance in life won’t be achieved if you’re constantly stretched out and stressed that will makes you overwhelmed and burnout. Take time to recharge yourself through a quiet relaxing time with yourself, family, friends, practice meditation, have a good sleep, exercise and anything else that makes you feel good.

What makes you happy and fulfilled?


5- Define your priorities


It may sound simple and over spoken but one major aspect of finding balance in life is defining your priorities through setting your life and work goals, making them SMART goals and achieve them. When you define your priorities in life inaccurate way you will take care of what is important for you and won’t suffer or run out of resources. Warren Buffett has a great strategy you can use which is called 5/25 strategy for setting your goals for success.

If you have all the resources, how do you picture yourself in the next three years?


Finally, finding balance in life is a way that makes you find harmony in life within your heart and mind. Follow those tactics and let me know how it works for you. you can email me on coach@modelawer.com also you can book a free appointment


Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



      5 powerful tactics for Forming the Life you want

      5 powerful tactics for Forming the Life you want

      Everyone wants a balance in life that works effectively, whether that means harmonious relationships, a happy family life, a successful career, or the achievement of an important mission. People with successful lives take certain actions consistently.

      Let’s face it, life can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster that takes you all way up and down so fast without even realizing or being in control. Life can be as a backpack full of liabilities, unachieved goals, troubles and tough times that makes you stressed and may feel that you are not grounded,

      A balance in life means you are in control of the important aspect in your life, prevent yourself from being stretched from all directions and on the edge all the time. Finding balance in your life also means that you are in control of your heart and mind.

      These seven tactics shall bring more satisfaction to your life and enable you to find balance in life.

      1- Define the Rules

      Rules are made to be broken! People use this seeking freedom however, on the contrary, to find balance in life you need to define your own rules and your life blueprint.  Following your rules creates harmony in your life and relations. Be clear with people around you, lets them understand your rules and boundaries. Rules are not fixed for a lifetime, things change around you, hence you should be able to reevaluate your rules and change them the best the suits you. It is a dynamic process.

      2- Turn Refusals into opportunities

      We cannot please everyone nor organize our lives based on what others want. However, we can achieve our maximum potential. Refusals and failures are learning opportunities.

      understand that you will face resistance when you attempt to do good things. Allow that to strengthen your resources to become more mindful.

      To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.

      3- Define your strength to unleash the power within

      Focus on your strength, areas where you shine, skills where you excel and empower this. Avoid comparing your weakness to other’s strengths that put your down. The more your focus on failure, weakness the more you dive in blame and victim mood which increases your stress and anxiety. Balance in life is about understanding both your weaknesses and strength. Then empowering your gifts and talent.

      4- Define your values and beliefs

      Finding balance in life comes from within not the external factors, hence spend time to define your values and beliefs.

      Values: the ethics and standards that stand important for you in life and define what is right and wrong for you.

      Beliefs: the acceptance that something is true and exists

      Values and beliefs differ from one to another, hence, to find balance in life, you should define yours to understand how you perceive the world.

      5- Avoid assuming

      This is one of the most difficult tactics, due to you and all of us never stop assuming what the others think or perceive things. This happens in a meeting, discussion with your spouse, family, friends, etc. we even jump into the others’ heads to assume what they will say next and quickly we jump to answers while we did not even listen to what they say. You should stop assuming right now, instead, start to actively listen and ask questions that will enable you to manage things effectively and reach the balance in life you are looking for.


      Finally, finding balance in life is a way that makes you find harmony in life within your heart and mind. Follow those tactics and let me know how it works for you. you can email me on coach@modelawer.com also you can book a free appointment


      Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



          How to cope with coronavirus and stay positive

          How to cope with coronavirus and stay positive


          How to cope with Coronavirus and stay positive

          The outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has shocked the whole world and huge efforts to battel the virus escalates around the globe with nearly 3 billion people under the COVID-19 Lockdowns.

          The world is fighting the invisible enemy, UAE is conducting National Disinfection program with restriction of movement, closure of schools, malls, public gathering and lots of other precautionary measurements to control the Coronavirus which may become stressful for people. Centers for disease control and prevention Highlighted that Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress and staying positive will reflect on you and your loved ones.

          10 tips to cope with coronavirus and maintain a positive emotion

          Positive emotion increases happiness. Positive emotion is the ability to remain optimistic and view one’s situation from a constructive perspective. The following tips to stay positive:

          1- Take a break from social media and news

          Limit your access to news to once a day to keep informed to avoid being bombarded with bad news. That reduces the level of stress to your brain and gives the space for positive emotion.

          2- Avoid rumors

          Rumors increase your fear and worry about your health and the health of your loved ones. Relay on genuine news sources such as the World Health Organization and UAE COVID 19 updates 

          Empowering your positive emotion will make you focus on the importance of stay healthy, keep social distance, get a good sleep and eat healthily.

          3- Take time to appreciate

          Positive emotion is all about appreciating life, home, family and loved ones. Write a daily list of things around you for which you are grateful and share your gratitude with others.

          Use the notes feature in Modelawer app to maintain daily gratitude and journal.

          4- Connect with others

          Connect with especially those you feel happy around, who boost our energy level. Avoid chat and call them, conversation over a phone or video calling makes us feels closer and spread positive emotion.

          5- Avoid negative people

          In such difficult times, they will be a major energy drainer and sink deep into balm and victim mood which shall negatively affect you. Negativity kills positive emotion, no brainer correct

          6- Coronavirus lockdown is an excellent opportunity

          Learn something new, you have a quality of time, lots of time don’t waste it in worrying, overwhelming feelings, stress, and anxiety. Read a new book, learn a new skill, practice a hobby which you may forget when you are busy in life and work.

          7- Find your life purpose

          Empowering your positive emotion will make you realize that not everything in coronavirus is bad. It is the best time now to chill-out, practice meditation, self-reflection and decides what is your purpose? What will you do after that difficult time goes away? Define your goals and plans. Darkness never lasts.

          To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sub goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go

          8- Be the source of joy

          Positive emotion spread happiness and joy, hence be the source of joy and satisfaction among your family members. Humor is the best defense strategy to empower positivity.

          9- Avoid over-thinking of financials

          Financials are the most stressful subject now if you still have your job to be grateful. If not use the government support and remember you cannot change destiny, but you are strong enough to cope and build resilience. Empowering positive emotion does not mean it is a magic word that will solve all your problems, it is a way of thinking that makes you ready to evaluate the situation, define options, obstacles and take accurate decisions

          10- Leave Home

          Due to Coronavirus precautionary measures, the public movement has been restricted. When it is allowed and safe get out of the house and maintain social distance Your body needs to move. fresh air and body movement enhance your mental health and empower your positive emotion. Avoid crowded places, take a walk in your neighborhood, buy a coffee from a drive-through, even if it is not possible just step out to your balcony.


          Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



              A Good Leader Knows the Team’s Colors

              A Good Leader Knows the Team’s Colors

              A Good Leader Knows the Team’s Colors


              Leadership can be a very challenging task. As leaders, we don’t always get to choose who is on our team. In fact, very often a leader inherits a team, of which most of the members have been there far longer than the leader, and may even know more about the work than the leader. Whatever the situation, one of the responsibilities of a leader is to motivate the team to all work together towards the common goal. This can be a daunting challenge. So often the team is comprised of very diverse members, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and work styles. The team dynamics are also often complicated by internal disagreements and personal conflicts. The leader, not only has worked with this group of people but also needs to achieve the results expected by their superiors.

              Leaders can greatly benefit from being able to identify the types of personality characteristics of team members. By understanding the basic personality types, the leader can use the individual strengths of members for the good of the team, as well as assign tasks that individual team members naturally excel in. A leader can also learn to communicate in a way that is motivating, by taking into account the needs, values and working preferences of different team members.

              A good leadership quality is to give the greatest results by working and utilizing the strengths and working style characteristics of the personalities on the team. By correctly positioning the individual members strengths and compensating for weaknesses, the leader can bring the team into a productive balance and harmony.


              Four main personality types:

              A brief overview of the different values and working styles of the four main personality types demonstrates the importance of this knowledge being part of the successful leadership toolbox. The four types of personality will be described using the colors Gold, Blue, Green, and Orange.

              Good leader

              The Gold:
              The strong Gold employee takes work and responsibility very seriously. Gold personalities want to contribute, be part of the team, and to be successful and productive. They respond well to recognition, rewards, and incentives. However, Gold team members need well-definedresponsibilities and structure, firm expectations and timelines as well as being reassured from the authority that they are on the right track.

              The Blue:
              The strong Blue personality needs an open, social atmosphere to be able to work well. Relationships are very important for them, and they need the freedom to be able to nurture relationships with coworkers, customers, and employers. Conflict and intense competition are painful for a strong Blue, but they will thrive in a positive, creative, service orientated atmosphere.

              The Green:
              A strong Green personality is more noted for expertise rather than people skills. They are excellent working with facts, data, research, and analytical projects. Greens shine in their ability for designing, understanding complex systems and strategy. Facts are of utmost importance for the Green, but they have a weakness for routine follow through and are somewhat insensitive in social interactions.

              The Orange:
              Orange team members are noticeable by their energy, skill, and creativity. A key factor for an Orange is the freedom to be able to use their skills and abilities. If there is too much structure, or their boss is very authoritarian, the orange personality feels blocked and does not function well. Orange personalities like people and work well in a spirit of teamwork, competition, and camaraderie. They are action-orientated, though and become impatient with prolonged talking and detailed administrative tasks.

              Final Thoughts:
              During my leadership coaching sessions, I focus with my client on the importance of understanding his team personalities and how to deal with the team differences in order to reach a high level of transformational leadership that he/she aim to reach. A leader, by knowing the colors of his team, can use this knowledge to blend the team members into a unified, well coordinated picture poised for success. By facilitating each team member to function in their areas of natural strength and motivating them by communicating in a way that inspires harmony and teamwork, the leader is well on the way to achieving extraordinary results.


              Don’t hesitate to drop me an email with your thoughts on the subject, coach@modelawer.com and if interested to have a free session with me, book my calendar today. I do offer different programs that tailored based on the exceptions and targeted results for my clients.



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