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How to cope with Coronavirus and stay positive

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has shocked the whole world and huge efforts to battel the virus escalates around the globe with nearly 3 billion people under the COVID-19 Lockdowns.

The world is fighting the invisible enemy, UAE is conducting National Disinfection program with restriction of movement, closure of schools, malls, public gathering and lots of other precautionary measurements to control the Coronavirus which may become stressful for people. Centers for disease control and prevention Highlighted that Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress and staying positive will reflect on you and your loved ones.

10 tips to cope with coronavirus and maintain a positive emotion

Positive emotion increases happiness. Positive emotion is the ability to remain optimistic and view one’s situation from a constructive perspective. The following tips to stay positive:

1- Take a break from social media and news

Limit your access to news to once a day to keep informed to avoid being bombarded with bad news. That reduces the level of stress to your brain and gives the space for positive emotion.

2- Avoid rumors

Rumors increase your fear and worry about your health and the health of your loved ones. Relay on genuine news sources such as the World Health Organization and UAE COVID 19 updates 

Empowering your positive emotion will make you focus on the importance of stay healthy, keep social distance, get a good sleep and eat healthily.

3- Take time to appreciate

Positive emotion is all about appreciating life, home, family and loved ones. Write a daily list of things around you for which you are grateful and share your gratitude with others.

Use the notes feature in Modelawer app to maintain daily gratitude and journal.

4- Connect with others

Connect with especially those you feel happy around, who boost our energy level. Avoid chat and call them, conversation over a phone or video calling makes us feels closer and spread positive emotion.

5- Avoid negative people

In such difficult times, they will be a major energy drainer and sink deep into balm and victim mood which shall negatively affect you. Negativity kills positive emotion, no brainer correct

6- Coronavirus lockdown is an excellent opportunity

Learn something new, you have a quality of time, lots of time don’t waste it in worrying, overwhelming feelings, stress, and anxiety. Read a new book, learn a new skill, practice a hobby which you may forget when you are busy in life and work.

7- Find your life purpose

Empowering your positive emotion will make you realize that not everything in coronavirus is bad. It is the best time now to chill-out, practice meditation, self-reflection and decides what is your purpose? What will you do after that difficult time goes away? Define your goals and plans. Darkness never lasts.

To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sub goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go

8- Be the source of joy

Positive emotion spread happiness and joy, hence be the source of joy and satisfaction among your family members. Humor is the best defense strategy to empower positivity.

9- Avoid over-thinking of financials

Financials are the most stressful subject now if you still have your job to be grateful. If not use the government support and remember you cannot change destiny, but you are strong enough to cope and build resilience. Empowering positive emotion does not mean it is a magic word that will solve all your problems, it is a way of thinking that makes you ready to evaluate the situation, define options, obstacles and take accurate decisions

10- Leave Home

Due to Coronavirus precautionary measures, the public movement has been restricted. When it is allowed and safe get out of the house and maintain social distance Your body needs to move. fresh air and body movement enhance your mental health and empower your positive emotion. Avoid crowded places, take a walk in your neighborhood, buy a coffee from a drive-through, even if it is not possible just step out to your balcony.


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