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Career shifting is a process of taking on a new role that varies from your current or ongoing work experiences. Career shifting maybe sometimes voluntary and sometimes involuntary. You choose voluntary career shifting for improving your lifestyles, job satisfaction, and better remuneration. On the other hand, involuntary career shifting happens due to circumstances. If you break down voluntary and involuntary career shifting, you will find many types of carrier shifting. They are discussed below:

  1. Promotional Career Shifting: Your job responsibilities can be significantly changed in your current workspace. Suppose, you were working as a designer in a company in Dubai. The company has decided to open another branch in another city of Dubai and also decided to make you the CEO of the company. It is a kind of career shifting. When you are good at your job, you get a promotion but if you get a promotion and move to other responsibilities that don’t guarantee your best performance there. Even you may not be satisfied with your promotion. But if you can cope up with your new job responsibilities you will be satisfied and can keep your work-life balance.
  2. Reverse Promotional Career Shifting: In this type of career shifting, people get a demotion. Due to below standard performance, your company may choose you to give a demotion with new responsibilities. Suppose, you were a project manager in a data mining company in Dubai and after the demotion, you become the data collector. It will be a frustrating thing for you. In that case, you must take advice from the experts (i.e career coaching) before taking some immature decision.
  3. Circumstantial Career Shifting: Sometimes life puts you in such a situation that due to bad circumstances you need to shift your career if it is against your will. Any bad circumstances can change your career even your life. You need to be more strategic at that moment. Because a silly mistake in that situation can ruin your whole life. Suppose, you were an immigrant in Dubai and worked as an employee in a company in Dubai. You got a holiday to visit your country and in the meantime, the COVID pandemic started. The whole world locked them down. So, unfortunately, you could not go back to Dubai and lost your job. Suddenly in the job crisis market, it is very tough for you to find a new job in your country in the relevant sector. So without getting any other options, you choose a different sector. When circumstances force you to shift your career, you need to be more strategic in that situation. You must ask for career advice from career coaching that will help you to create a winning plan.
  4. Complete new career: Are you not satisfied with your current job? Or do you think you can progress more working in a new sector? Then you should start thinking to shift your career. Shifting a career to a new one is always challenging and risky as well. It requires a significant level of dedication and commitment. To find out which career will suit you, nothing will be more helpful than career coaching.
  5. Entrepreneurship: After doing a regular job for a while, you can think to start a small business. This is considered a risk factor and could not be successful without strong motivation. It needs dedication, skill development, market analysis, and many more.

Five strategies to make career shifting successful are as follows:

  1. Think about your current career and decide: A major portion of people decide to career shift due to dissatisfaction with their existing career. But before taking a high risk like shifting your whole career think deeply. Are you really want to do it? If you feel stressed in your job or if you think that you are not properly paid think about job switching. Finding a new job is not an easy task but it is way easier than whole career shifting. But if you are determined that you will do great in another career, you are always welcome to take decisions in your life.
  2. Identify your interests and develop skills: When you have decided to shift your career, identify yourself is the first and most valuable step to be successful. Look back to your past. Evaluate all your interests using self-assessment tools. Self-assessment tools may be a series of questions and answers or a career coach who will guide you in the right direction. When you are done with identification, start developing skills. Create a flow chart of how you can develop your skills of interest. Even in this part, a career coach may guide you.
  3. Look for available career opportunities: Conduct market research to find out available career opportunities. Shortlist some of them and ask yourself some questions like:
    1. What do you want in your job?
    2. Are you capable enough to jump in?
    3. How different the environment will be?
    4. How much effort can you give?
    5. How much worst the situation will be?

The opportunities must be aligned with your interests and skills otherwise failure will be the result. For moving into unfamiliar territory, you might need professional advice from a career coach.

  1. Make a plan of action: For any kind of successful action, planning is a must. The planning will start with setting up your primary goal and a timeline to reach there. Break down the major milestones like acquiring skills, when to say goodbye to the current career, when and who to start networking, etc. Setting up a good plan of action will make the transition smoother.
  2. Attend career coaching for career advice: From starting a career to career shifting, from finding a job to switching a job even in networking, in every part of your career you can have career advice from the experts. It is highly recommended that you should spend time with career coaches. Career coaches not only give advice rather they will help you to make the path to your aim. They help you to explore your strengths and skills and also guide you to improve them. Career shifting is a sensitive case. If you win, congratulations. But if you fail there will be a narrow space to turn around. So you must be careful about it. It is not bad to ask for advice and guideline.

Career coaching in Dubai is considerably one of the best places for career advice. Career coaches in Dubai want to be the pioneer in this sector. So they are desperately improving their strategies. People all around the world can also ask for advice from them through online appointments.  So without wasting more time and minimizing the chance of failure you should contact a career coach.