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Seriously, don’t panic. Just relax for a few minutes, stop thinking about anything and take some deep breathes. That’s it. Are you feeling fresh? Not really? Then you are in the right place.

Everyone experiences the stress of finding a job from one point to another, but COVID has added an extra layer to that difficulty. It is fair enough to be panicked at the thought of remaining unemployed or losing a job. Due to COVID, the global economy has fallen suddenly and it is so much obvious that there are fewer job opportunities within few sectors. But if you look closely, some industries are looking for significant candidates to fill their critical positions. Also, most of the companies around the world have moved towards digital workspace by using technology and a new era has just begun. It may be a great opportunity of finding a job as well. Now a new scope has opened. People can get a job anywhere in the world and they can work from home. In no time, surely the job market will boom again and companies will start searching for worthy candidates. So be prepare and make strategies.

Suppose, during COVID, a company in Dubai is looking for a designer for one of their products. But only the production team is working from the office and they are allowing others to work from home. In this situation, they can ask for a capable candidate from anywhere in the world. So if you are capable enough, you can do the job from somewhere in Asia, Europe, or America to Dubai. Obviously, it is a great opportunity.

If you are still panicking in this stage, you are gonna need career advice and for that, you are gonna need a career coach. Career coaching is one of the best solutions to get career advice and build strategies to move forward in your professional life. Career coaching is held by professionals who have experienced the situations by themselves or observe others in the same situation. Career coaches can be an entrepreneur, highly qualified and experienced HR or maybe a researcher who has a strong knowledge and experience about the career build-up.

The job market is indeed competitive in the pandemic situation and many people have lost their job. But you cannot tell that the recruitment percentage is 0.00%. Obviously, there are scopes that you need to dig down.

six strategies that you can build to get a job during COVID are as follows:

Networking: The most important tip of finding a job in any situation is to build a strong network. If you want any career advice from the experts, networking will be the first one. Maximum job seekers make mistakes in desperation that they limit their strategy to only sending out CVs as many as possible and they completely forget about focusing on networking while networking must be the primary strategy. During the pandemic, job searching is way harder than before. So getting a call for an interview in this situation is so tough. A strong network can carry you to the spot where there is only a 0.01% chance to land an interview and who knows with your charms you can get that job. But keep in mind that, not networking is way better than poor networking. Don’t bother someone who was not on your radar for many years. It is totally against professionalism. Build a strong network and maintain it properly even if you are not benefitted currently. You will surely benefit in the future. Networking is like a tree. Nurture it properly. One day you can eat the fruit. Even if you are not getting a job or not getting any call for an interview, don’t stop maintaining your network. You will thank me later.

Apply Give and Take Strategy: It is one type of networking as well. There are many types of network maintaining strategies. The main theme is that, offering someone for something that he may not ask in return for something you want. You may find it silly but it is very effective. Suppose, one of your friends or ex-colleague works in Dubai as an HR manager and you want to shift to Dubai during COVID. Don’t directly push him to get you a job or help you to land an interview there. Rather list down something that you can do for him and offer him. And when you think it is ok to ask for a favor go for it.

Develop Trending Skills and Capabilities: Sometimes career shifting is not a bad thing. If you are looking for a job when finding a job is the most precious thing to get then career shifting is ok. Career shifting means moving from one profession to another. Suppose you are working as an accountant in Dubai. But due to the pandemic somehow you lost the job. You are jobless and can’t find any other job in the same sector that you are an expert in. Suddenly you do research and realize that getting a job in the digital marketing sector may be easy and it has demand in the market. So you should try for it and develop your skills in marketing. In this type of case, all experts will support career shifting.

Look for Freelancing Job: The freelancing job market is trending. Even in the COVID situation, the market is rising. Company’s all around the world look for freelancers to minimize their costs and get the best work. For a full-time employee, company’s need to pay a fixed salary but when it’s about freelancer they can pay them only for a particular project they need and also there are huge options to choose the best one. So make yourself capable of what you can do best, prepare a good gig, gather experiences and let them find you.

Take Best Preparation For Interview: Everybody knows that finding a job is too hard in this situation. Even getting a call for an interview is so tough. So prepare yourself like this is the last chance. List down some common interview questions, get the best possible answers, face some mock interviews and do every possible thing you can do for it. But if you fail, don’t get frustrated. Start over again.

Attend Career Coaching: When you need some motivation, some strategies, career advice, career shifting, and anything about your career, career coaching is the best option to choose. Career coaches are the experts who can lead you to overcome your panic and frustrations and help you to reach your goal. Career coaching is so much beneficial. Why it is so much beneficial? Because career coaches have the solutions to every problem regarding your career. They will not give you a job. But they will make you capable of finding a job. They will help you build your network, they will take out your strength, they will advise you where you should shift your career and they will also help you to prepare for a job interview. Even there is some career advice that no one ever told you, they will help you to dig them down. Dubai is one of the best places to get advice for career coaching. Maximum numbers of best coaches are practicing in Dubai. It doesn’t require you to go to Dubai to attend career coaching. Anyone can attend their online courses. So anyone from anywhere around the world can join them in career coaching.


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