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5 strategies to impower teenagers Self-Esteem

5 strategies to impower teenagers Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one’s overall subjective sense of personal value or worth. In other words, how much one appreciates and loves himself. Each and everyone has self-esteem. It is cumulative thoughts that people have about themselves and it plays a very important role in every kind of works. Self-esteem can be categorized into 02 categories. One is healthy or positive self-esteem (I am good, I am worthy) and another one is weak or negative self-esteem (I am unloved, I am not good). Self-esteem can be defined by the following factors:

  • Self-confidence,
  • Feeling Competence,
  • Acceptance
  • Appreciating,
  • Identity,
  • Sense of belonging.

Self-esteem is very much important for all types of works. Sometimes achievement depends mostly on self-esteem. It is a vital fact in life. So all should develop this among themselves from childhood.

Self-esteem is very much important for the proper mental growth of the kids. It builds confidence and motivates doing something good in life. Every parent must help their kids to develop self-esteem among themselves. Teenage is the best time to nurture kids. Teenage is like clayey soil which is used to make any type of shape by the blacksmith. Like the blacksmith, parents should teach their kids the good things and let them build up positivity and self-esteem in themselves. If a teenager, grows up with healthy self-esteem, there will be no doubt he will be successful in his career as well as life. He may fail once or twice or maybe thrice but he will learn how to get up and start again.

If parents fail in the kids’ development stage, it will suffer the kids and parents for the rest of their life. So when parents think they are not good enough to do so, they need to call the professionals to do the job for them without taking any chance. The professionals I am telling about are the teenager coaches. Teenager coaching is not only for kids. Even parents can also attend sessions from them. Teenager coaching is a lifelong solution for the parents and the kids.

Mohammed Delawer, a teenager coach in Dubai said that “Don’t let the teenage wasted by not developing self-esteem in your kids because their career mostly depends on it.”

Some kids get healthy self-esteem by born, some achieve naturally and some need to learn. But it needs to be enhanced, developed, and supervised by the parents or professionals.

There are many possible ways to enhance self-esteem. 5 major strategies to enhance the self-esteem of teenagers are as follows:

  1. Unconditional Love: Parents’ love must be unconditional. Parents need to assure their kids that their love does not depend on their results, performance, or any other factors. When kids will realize that they do not have any risk of losing their parents’ love to them, the confidence level inside them will develop automatically. Sometimes burden and fear decrease confidence. So unconditional love will increase their confidence level as well as self-esteem.
  2. Stop social comparison: It is a very serious issue. Sometimes parents compare their kids with other kids in society or school or college. If other kids get higher marks than their kids or achieve something that their kids could not achieve, they often get frustrated and give a lecture to the kids. But one day this frustration of parents will transfer to the kids and the impact will be very bad. Comparing with other kids affect the brain and mind of the kids. So parents need to be very careful regarding the fact. Parents need to think positively and also teach their kids to think positively. They need to acknowledge their kids in small success, encourage them to learn from failure, and also focus on individual improvement.
  3. Let them fail and teach them to start over again: Sometimes failure is more valuable than winning. Parents need to learn this and also teach this lesson to their kids. Teenagers must keep in mind that, failure is not the end. Rather it is a new beginning. They should not be sad when they fail. They should collect the good things from the failure and restart again. When they will learn it, their self-esteem will go beyond the expectation.
  4. Let them solve their problems: Parents need to be supportive, it’s true. But they need to leave their kids alone to solve their problems. Solving problems makes a kid ready for his life. For example, if a kid never learns to walk because he has been carried around by his parents all the time, he will never learn to jump. Similarly, kids need to find their problems and try to solve them by themselves. Parents might give suggestions to their kids, but kids need to reach the ultimate solution on their own. It will help the kids to enhance the self-esteem.
  5. Take guidance from a teenager coach: Teenager coaching is one of the branches of life coaching. Teenager coaching is designed in such a way so that kids get confident among themselves while kicking out all the frustration, stress, and anxieties. The role of a teenager coach to enhance the self-esteem of any teenager cannot be explained in few lines. To guide parents and their kids properly, teenager coaching has been introduced by highly trained professionals with lots of experience. They guide the parents to nurture their kids and also help the kids to self-development. They help the kids to be self-dependent, confident and find out their interests, let them set a proper goal for their life, and guide them to reach that goal. The teenager coaching includes:
  • Building confidence as well as healthy self-esteem,
  • Parenting,
  • Setting and achieving goals,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Stress managing,
  • Sharing problems,
  • Career choosing,
  • Increase creativity,
  • Becoming resilience,
  • And many more.

 Teenager coaching in Dubai is very much famous all over the world. Parents and kids all over the world can attend the course of teenager coaching by making online appointments. Yes!!! Many teenager coaches in Dubai are taking online sessions to stay closer to you. Teenager coaching is very useful for the brighter future of the kids and enhancing their self-esteem.

5 tips to help Teenagers To Manage Stress

5 tips to help Teenagers To Manage Stress

The opposite word of relaxation is stress. That means if you are not calm, relax, and chilled you are under stress. Stress is a very natural term for the human body. It is a kind of pressure that can be felt by anybody physically or emotionally or both. Teenagers can also feel stress.  Stress can make people sick physically or anxious, frustrated, and angry mentally. Stress sometimes can make you motivated and sometimes demotivated. It gives you a push to move on and do something good or pull you down from doing something good. Yes, you deserve a break. Stress without break is not good for anyone. But, you should be aware that, stress is a must for life. No matter how carefree you are, how successful you are, you will feel it or have already felt it but you didn’t realize it. The conclusion is, you have to go through stress at a certain point in your life. So it is your duty not to run away from stress. Rather you need to learn to manage your stress.

Many research shows that the best time to learn any psychologically managerial ability is teenage. So every parent must help their kids to develop their mental health. Stress management ability is a great virtue that can be earned naturally and also can be learned by anyone. But it is a fact that during the teenage period most of the kids have their parents to hold their back. Besides parents, there are certain groups of professionals who are dedicatedly waiting to help teenagers to overcome every obstacle they can face in their life. They are the teenager coaches. Teenager coaching is held by professionals with vast knowledge and tons of experience and they help your kids to grow their stress management level. Not only kids can be benefitted from teenager coaching rather it is so much helpful for the parents. Because parenting is also a major part of the life of the parents which they can learn from teenager coaches.

Teenage can be considered as the development period. Mohammed Delawer, a teenager coach in Dubai said, “Teenage is the best time for mental and physical development. How strong they will be in future is mostly depends on how properly they were guided at their teenage”.

There are many ways that help teenagers to manage their stresses. 5 most effective tips to help teenagers to manage their stresses are as follows:


  1. Identify the reason for stress and teach them sharing: Before looking for any solutions, it is better to find out the problems. Because without finding the question, you cannot reach the answer. Parents need to identify why their kids are under stress. The issue may not be too complicated as the kids are behaving. So parents need to openly talk to them and teach them sharing is not bad. Rather it gives relief in mind.

This can happen through an open dialogue between parents and their teenagers but parents need to avoid encouraging their teenagers to not express their feelings for example avoid things as;

  • Stop crying you are a man!
  • It is ok just let it go.


  1. Identify the signs and help them to be distracted: When kids are disturbed by something and feeling stressed, some signs might be visible in their behavior such as sweating, nail-biting, get sick, and many more. Parents need to observe them properly and help them to distract for that particular time. It will give them relief for a shorter period but it will be so much effective. Distraction is sometimes good and it brings so much positivity and energy to you, but sometimes it is so much bad to destroy your whole life. So in this case, distraction is a much effective way to get relief for a shorter time.


  1. Teach them to Meditate and Exercise: Meditation and Regular exercise is a great way to relax and decrease stress. They can help ease stress and improve concentration. They give peace to the mind, relax the body, and improve your ability to handle stress. There is no alternative to meditation and exercising regularly. Not only kids, even at the old ages people must do it to lead a healthy life with a refreshing mind. So parents need to make meditation and exercise hobbies for the kids.


  1. Let kids solve their problems: It is obvious that kids want their parents to solve their problems. But if parents dive in to solve every little problem, their kids don’t have any chance to learn healthy coping skills. I am not telling you to leave your kids alone with their problems. Every parent must help their kids. I am telling the parents to make your kids hero and be the sidekick of your kids. Let the kids try to solve their problems and guide them when they need you. With that, they will gain confidence that they can deal with stressors.


  1. Get teenager coaching from a professional: This term may not be so much familiar to you. But it is a vital one. A professional teenager coach plays a major role to develop the stress management skills of your kids. The professionals will take care of your kids as a small plant. They will nurture them and guide them as much as they required. And let them bloom like a mature and healthy tree. They will not solve the problems of your kids directly. Rather they will guide your kids properly to solve them on their own. Along with kids, their parents can also attend the teenager coaching. Teenager coaching teaches parenting properly. It helps to grow good relations and understanding between kids and parents.

Teenager coaching in Dubai is very effective for teenagers and as well as their parents and it is getting famous simultaneously all over the world. Dubai is one of the best places for teenager coaching. The professionals having a lot of experiences will help the teenagers to manage the stresses and as well as the parents to learn to parent properly.

5 Best Ways to Make Money for teenagers in 2021

5 Best Ways to Make Money for teenagers in 2021

Not sure about all the teenagers, but there are a lot of them who want to make money from their early ages. It is not a bad thing at all. Rather parents should motivate them. Who doesn’t want to earn extra money? It benefits the teenager in many ways. It grows their entrepreneurship skill and also let them help to think freely. It is not obvious that they will be successful in their first attempt. But they will learn to find success in their failure and start over again. Parents should also be aware that if they are not doing anything unethical and illegal.

In the teenage, kids can have many obsessions like branded clothes, shoes, electronic devices, and many more. Earning extra money helps them to fulfill their obsessions. Also, there may be many other reasons for a kid for earning money besides fulfilling obsessions. But is it too easy for a teenager to earn money in teenage? The answer is yes and also no. We are living in the era of technology. There are many scopes to earn but it requires a capability to do so. Technology has given us everything that we need to survive but most of us don’t know the proper use of it. There is a lot of infrastructure around us which can be utilized to earn money. To do so it is very much important to choose the better option. For this, parents and kids both can attend teenager coaching. Teenager coaching can be very much beneficial for the kids as well as their parents. Teenager coaching is held by professionals. They are not only professionals regarding the problem-solving issues of teenagers nor the pathfinder for them, rather they are very much expert in technological subjects also. A teenager coach can guide them properly and appropriately.

A teenager should have a plan in his mind for why he needs money in his teenage. So before jumping into how to make money let’s discuss why he needs money at a very early stage. Some points are given below:

  • Fulfilling Obsession: Most kids want extra money at their teenage to fulfill their dreams and fascination. Some likes to use Branded Products, Expensive Electronic Devices, Bikes, Cars, Travelling which are not possible with their pocket money. People can call it to show off and it is one of the most burning subjects in teenager coaching, but everybody must appreciate their thinking. Because you cannot be big unless you think big. So cheer for them.
  • Developing Skills: Some kids are very thoughtful about their careers. They make a map for their career during their teenage. They start thinking about earning money and start failing in what they are doing and also start learning and developing their skills in their sectors. This can lead them to be successful entrepreneurs in the future.
  • Gaining Experience: Sometimes experience is more valuable than money. Sometimes winning experience is less valuable than losing experience. Every parent must help their kids to gain experience practically from their life. Teenager coaching can help parents and their kids to understand the value of these types of experiences.
  • Increasing self-esteem: The intention for making money can increase the self-esteem of the teenager. Kids can understand their capacity and they also learn how to boost it up. It is very much essential for a kid to increase their self-esteem.


Now come to the point on how to make money. In this digital world, there is no need to look for a job on the newspaper route. There is a lot of option for a teenager to earn money by grabbing a computer with internet connection where the buyer can be anyone all over the world.

Five best ways of making a significant amount of money at the teenage:

Dealing with Cryptocurrency: Have you ever heard about “Coin Exchange”, “Bitcoin”, “Litecoin”, “Ethereum” floating around websites and news? That’s because the era of cryptocurrency has been started and they are getting national and international attention. The abovementioned names are some popular cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money that utilizes computer cryptography to secure financial transactions. Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain which is basically like an accounting ledger where all your transactions are recorded and visible to anyone forever. Once any transaction is completed it will be stored there and no one can alter it. Now the question is how you can make money with cryptocurrency. There are many ways to earn through cryptocurrency. But the easiest way is buying and selling cryptocurrency. The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates and sometimes it goes up and sometimes goes down like the stock market. If you have the intention to make money in the short term, it is not for you. Invest your money, wait for the golden time and sell it. That’s it. Some other ways are accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency mining, and many more. You have to study and research a lot. Without your complete knowledge, don’t jump in it. Remember one thing, it has risk also to face lose. If you are not ready yet, make yourself ready. Study on the internet, talk to those who are already doing that. Or you can attend teenager coaching to know more. The coaches also help you to study in this sector as well.

Selling Digital Product/ Service as NFT: Do you know what NFT is? The full form of NFT is “Non-Fungible Token”. At a certain point, most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. But an NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged like-for-like. There is extra information stored in NFT. That extra information can be any form like digital art, music, videos, and so on. But you can think what if anyone hacks or just download the file. Don’t worry. That hacked file or the downloaded file won’t contain the information that makes that a part of the Ethereum blockchain. Have you heard that the founder of Twitter sold his tweet with his signature? He sold that as an NFT. The term NFT may be new to you. But in a near future, it will boom. NFT will be the future. To learn more about NFT you must talk to an expert. The expert can be your parents, your teachers, your friends, or a teenager coach.

Work as a freelancer in freelancing websites: Nowadays there are many freelancing sites. Such as Fiverr. There you can open an account for free. People all around the world are looking for the best services. You must identify his skills first and make a good profile according to your skills. Take the orders from the buyer, surprise them with your ability and make money. While identify your skills based on your studies sound a good idea but it is not limited to that and having a teenager coaching session will help you to unleash your power and start your journey!

Take Surveys: Yes, You have heard it right. You can make money by taking surveys. There are many survey sites like Swagbucks, which will pay you for taking surveys. Besides some of them have referral programs where you can earn more by including your friends in the service.

Start a Youtube Channel: It is a very common but very much competitive way to earn money. There are currently more than a million youtube channels. So if you are ready to be a successful YouTuber, prepare yourself. Think about your content, research what people like to see. Your content may be informative, maybe funny but remember one thing, you need to be accepted by the audience. After opening a youtube channel and met some criteria you can make money by allowing ads to be displayed on your videos by GoogleAdSense.

There are tons of other possible ways for a teenager to make money. But all you need is a guide. A teenager coach can properly guide you. He will help you to identify yourself, your ability. Teenager coaching is very much beneficial for the kids. Sometimes teenagers get overwhelmed in taking a decision and make wrong decisions by investing in the wrong places. Teenager coaches not only guide you properly rather they help you not to be misguided.

How teens find their passion?

How teens find their passion?

Your passion is the interests or talents that you as a teen cannot get enough of, it fulfills you and makes you happy.

Being a teenager is the most flourishing stage of your life, this is the stage that shall define your future, everyone feels happy and passionate about something that fires you up. But in your teens stage, if you did not figure it out and sent time and efforts studying what others influenced you with, it would be too late later. (despite it is never too late but why to take the risk?)

I figure out during my teenage coaching sessions, that mostly all the information and guidance is for the parents to help their teens to find their passion. Hence, I am writing this article for you today not your parents.

Passion is not only about hobbies such as singing, dancing and or arts. you misunderstood the subject of finding your passion for the things you like and usually, it equals  to what are you wasting your time in!

That is why despite passion is the most important aspect in finding your life purpose however it is usually undervalued.

Passion could be anything that interests you. anything where you find the true self in and joy.

  • Numbers could be a passion
  • Troubleshooting your laptop issues by yourself could be a passion
  • Biology could be a passion
  • Speaking could be a passion
  • Writing could be a passion
  • Selling goods to your colleagues in school could be a passion
  • Following fashion trends, could be a passion
  • Setting up all the party logistics could be a passion
  • Cars and speed could be a passion
  • And the list goes on and on and on

During my teenage coaching session, usually, my client asks, how could I find my passion? 

5 steps to build find your passion

List your interests:

Using the above examples, ask your self what is your interest? What is the thing that you feel joy, sense of achievement, pleasure while you doing it? what is your favorite subject in school? Question are endless but the base is looking deep inside you till you list do things you like most. Let your self with the flow and write as much as you want.

 Note: Don’t just list online gaming and Netflix, just dig deep. And even if online gaming and Netflix map it a positive interest. Who knows maybe your passion is building the next top-level online game or become award-winning director?

 Polish your interest:

After listing down your interests, rank them top to down. based on your gut feeling, what you spend more time thinking about, what sparks your eyes more, what your visualize more. Revise them, revise them again till you reach your top 3 interests.


Finding your passion is the corner store for the best future and doing what you love most

To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.

Interest mapping:

Take your top 3 interests and map them to the market, industries, and career.

Find your passion as teens is a foundation to find the career that you will enjoy most. I will help you in a quick example that may help you in this stage.

  • Numbers may be mapped to data science, data analysis, financial analysis, etc.
  • Troubleshooting your laptop could be a passion for computer science, artificial analysis, networks.
  • Speaking could be public relations, media, podcasting, etc.
  • Selling goods to your colleagues could be your passion as a teen to become an entrepreneur and build the next unicorn
  • Setting up all the party logistics that your teens friends will enjoy to the max. What about event management as your passion?

Be patient we did not finish yet! and also you can read the 5 things you need to follow to achieve your goals


Find your passion is the first stage, mapping it to the market needs is the second and most critical stage. This is due to the possible lack of information. Hence what could you do to find information about market needs? I am sure you got it, GOOGLE it!

  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy math?
  • What type of jobs suits teens who enjoy biology?
  • What type of jobs suits teens that enjoy teaching?

Do your research and enjoy the process.

Visualize the future:

Based on your true passion as teens, interest mapping, market mapping you will figure out the potential jobs that you may land on 5 years from now.

Visualize yourself 5 years from now, landed in the job that suits your passion and ask yourself, would I be happy? If yes. Congratulations you made it. if not, repeat the process.

Finally don’t underestimate the power and creativity within yourself, being teens never meant you accept what being told without associate your passion to it. if you doubt this look around you, the top game-changers startups succeeded just because they addressed the generation Z, which is you!

If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.

Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



      Career counseling for teenagers

      Career counseling for teenagers

      Which university to choose? Which faculty to choose? Which major? What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your dream job? And more of similar questions that come to both parents and their loved teens in the path of finding the right career.

      However, usually, this is not easy as it sounds and puts your teen in dilemma driven by the lack of life experience and knowing themselves, as well as your fear over their future that makes you and other parents go into a long non-ended debate.

      Career coaching for teenagers became a vital help and support nowadays and career counseling became an important service in all reputable university, this is to enable and support both teens to choose their career and define their career path.


      Some schools provide counselor and career coaching in Dubai and some other countries for high school level students however parents play a bigger role in this journey

      If you are a parent of a teen who is in high school or freshman year who is figuring out their career path, and asking yourself How to help my child to choose his career? the following 5 strategies I use in my career coaching sessions and will helps you.

      5 tips for choosing career path for teenagers


      Define who are they?

      Self-awareness is the first step that your teenager needs which is one of the main steps in career coaching and career counseling, help them to identify who are they? Their values, beliefs, interests, and passion.

      Build a healthy conversation with them, ask them how they see the world, what interests them, how they see themselves 7 years from now.

      Build their career choices bases on who they are, this will make them happy and pursue the life that fulfills them.

      Define their hobbies and passions

      Go with the say “best thing is to do what you love” defining a career path that is built on your teenager’s bobbies, passions, and things he/she loves most would guarantee relaxed and positive emotions linked to the career choice. In career coaching and career counseling, this will be the exercise we ask your teenager to do. Build a list of his/her interests and hobbies.

      Once they have the list, it is easier to match and narrow down options that best fit the list.

      Put your interests aside

      Yes, put your interests, career, business, dreams for your child aside. It is their life

      Support them to choose their career, be there to support, provide information, ideas, and guidance.

      Therefore, career coach comes in the picture as independent career coach expert in the filed of asking powerful questions that unleash your teenager potential and power within

      Read: How self reflection increases your self awareness?

      To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.


      Negotiate do not dictate

      Your teenager’s choices for their career path may be the right choice from your point of view. In this case, negotiate through healthy open dialogue. Your child not only building his career, he is built on how personality as well. Be his friend and mentor, show him and Pros and Cons from his choice. And if he insists on this, be there for him/her and support their dreams.

      Seek help

      Choosing your teenager career path is one the most milestone in his life, hence it is recommended to seek help from an expert career coaching provider or a career counselor who will guide your child in a systematic process that in light them in the process of choosing their career.


      Feel free to contact me or Email me coach@modelawer.com  or contact for a 30 min free students career coaching session or more life purpose and goal setting session for teenagers coaching

      Sessions offered one-to-one in Dubai and rest of UAE and virtually in GCC, Egypt, Jordan

      Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



          Which communication skills required for your job?

          Which communication skills required for your job?

          You do interact with people in your daily life activity, whether it is work, family, friends to convey your ideas and share your feelings. Every interaction is communication and how you do communicate is a way of communication.

          What are communication skills?

          Communication is the bridge between a sender and receiver, communication skills are the capabilities of giving and receiving information effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired outcomes. Communication skills are an important interpersonal skill in almost every aspect of life, in the workplace, the importance of communication skills has become a crucial part of the needed interpersonal skills for the employees and leaders.


          Interpersonal skills or in other words the soft skills became one of the most important skills that you do need to advance your career not only your technical skills. In my career coaching program, effective communication has been covered intensively with my clients because building effective communication in their workplace support and empower their career development goals.


           Why communication skills are important for your job?

          That difficult conversation you had with your boss, the tough meeting you just attended, the pressure you been through in your yearly performance review, that angry client who was complaining over the phone on the bad service he got. Theses are examples of event where communication skills have not been demonstrated efficiently.


          Effective communication skills empower you with the ability to convey your message is a clear, assertive, and simple way to the other. It enables you to perceive the meaning of the information you are receiving from the others in a greater level of self-aware and controlled emotion.


          Let’s take an example: in the meeting with your boss, his tone of voice, body language, words being used, will get inputted in your mind as the receiver. Your mind will provide you with the interpretation of that information the results in feedback which for example your boss is angry and not happy with your performance. You start to react in a defense mood which could include an explanation, excuses, lose of temp, or just freeze and nod your head. This will not stop here! Your boss became the receiver his mind interpreted the information from your words, tone, body language, and response. And most probably the upper hand wins the debate. This is a typical scenario of a WIN/LOSE situation.


          Learning how to communicate efficiently, enhance your interpersonal skills and the art of effective communication. Communications skills are one of the important aspects you need to focus in your career development plan.

          Read: Why networking is necessary for success?







          To set, track and achieve your daily goals, download our Goals and notes tracker Modelawer app which helps you create goals, sup-goals, set reminders, track performance and create notes on the go.



          Which communication skills required for your job?

          Verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and written communications are the main three types of communication we are using in the workplace and life in general.

          Verbal communications:

          Verbal communication is the interpersonal skill of how you deliver the information and receive them, it is more than just talking. It covers the words and tone being used. It is important in almost all jobs but mostly for employees who extensively communicate with individuals, such as Call center, customer services, trainers, public relations needs verbal communications to be part of their interpersonal skills

          • Speak clearly and simply
          • Make sure your voice matches what you want to say
          • Keep your goals in mind
          • Improve your empathy
          • Speak for yourself by using the word “I”

          Nonverbal communications

          Effective communication is not only the way you talk. This is a mistake; nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Nonverbal means facial expression, eye contact, body language, posture, and any other way people can maintain effective communication without using language.

          Sales, marketing, consultants, public speakers are examples of jobs that need strong verbal communications skills impeded into their interpersonal skills toolkit.

          Nonverbal communications one of the major aspects I cover in my Executive coaching sessions with Middle and senior management clients.

          • Active listening to others says
          • Build the rapport
          • Be aware of your posture
          • Take full, deep breaths


          Written communications

          we are heavily relying on writing in the form of Emails, reports, or even WhatsApp messages. From the email you do receive, you sense and feel what the sender’s intention is, correct? Wither he/she is complaining, accusing, appreciating, etc.

          written communication is a common interpersonal skill among all types of jobs, however, jobs as a secretary, admin, copywriter, auditors will need to ensure acquiring this skill for effective communication.

          • The intent of the message
          • Straight to the point
          • Accurate grammar
          • Simple and clear



          If you are based on Dubai or any other emirates in UAE, feel free to contact or Email me coach@modelawer.com for a one-to-one 30 min free coaching session. If your life out of UAE, not a problem we shall do the same over video calling option.




          Download the SMART goal questionaire (PDF)



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