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Self esteem can be defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Some people think of self-esteem as their inner voice, the voice that tells you whether you are good enough to do or achieve something. Self esteem is actually about how you value yourself and your perceptions about who you are and what you are capable of. Many researchers who research psychology, have written on the dynamics involved in self esteem. Human psychology is a very complex subject. The subject and resource of “Human Psychology” are very rich but it is not complete and it will never be. As per the research of psychology, self esteem is mostly affected by family, friends, neighbors, and the surrounding environment.

Some family and surrounding environmental experiences that affect human psychology and lead to healthy self esteem are as follows:

  1. Being spoken politely;
  2. Receiving attention and care;
  3. Being admired;
  4. Being given high and achievable expectations;
  5. Being taught that determination produces results, so obstacles should be accepted;
  6. Being taught that failure should be welcomed, so disappointments are accepted;
  7. Being appreciated for who you are.

On the other hand some family and surrounding environmental experiences that affect human psychology and lead to low self esteem are as follows:

  1. Being strictly disciplined;
  2. Being screamed at and ordered around;
  3. Being disregarded and neglected;
  4. Being given high but impossible expectations;
  5. Being told that results depend on fortune, so helplessness is the outcome;
  6. Being told that if you fail, which means you are not good;
  7. Being compared to siblings or other children.

5 Tips To Increase Self Esteem

Low self esteem is unfortunately a self-filling prophecy. The worse you feel about yourself, the less motivation you will have to do what it takes to build your self esteem. To boost your self esteem, you need to identify the negativity you have about yourself and then challenge them. Which means you need to identify “WHY” before looking for “HOW”. That means you need to find out the questions before searching for answers. Self esteem is interrelated with psychology so you have to challenge your psychology to overcome the low self esteem you possess.

Everyone is in the favor of healthy self esteem but sometimes it can be surprisingly tough to cultivate. There are a lots of ways to increase self esteem.

05 (five) major tips to increase self esteem are as follows:

  1. Believe in yourself: The first and foremost step in creating greater self esteem is to believe in yourself. It’s your responsibility to take control of your own self-concept and your beliefs including belief in your worth, talent, abilities and potential.
  1. Identify your positivity and negativity and challenge your negative beliefs: The second major step to increase self esteem is to identify your positive and negative sides and challenge your negative beliefs. It is a good initial step to write down the positive things about yourself, such as nice things that people have said about you. When you start to feel low, read those things and remind yourself that there is plenty of good about you. If you find yourself thinking that “I am not good enough to do the task” start thinking that “I am not that bad to do the task”. It will grow your confidence.
  1. Stay within positive relationships and avoid negative ones: You will surely find that there are certain people and certain relationships that make you feel better than others, and certain people and certain relationships that discourage you. The people who make you feel bad about yourself, just avoid them. Stay surround with people who make you feel good about yourself and encourage you.
  1. Develop your physical health: Sometimes physical appearance matters to grow your self esteem. When you look your best, you will feel good. Many studies have revealed a connection between exercise and higher self esteem as well as improved mental health. However, people with low self esteem often neglect themselves because they do not feel that they deserve to be looked after.
  1. Take failure as lesson and learn to move on: It is very common to be hard on yourself when you’ve failed. But if you can swing your thinking to understand that failure is an opportunity to learn that it plays a necessary role in learning and growth, it can help you keep perspective. Remember one thing that failure means you are trying to achieve. So don’t get upset and move on to your target using the experiences you gathered in your failure.


Example 1

You are new to Dubai. You don’t know anyone in the country and you have to find a job to live. In this situation, you have to believe in yourself and in your ability that if you try you will surely get a job of which you are expert in. If you do not have faith in yourself, you can never raise your head.

Example 2

You are very good at convincing people. But you believe that you are not a good looking person. You moved to Dubai for job. And you are being called to attend interview in a highly reputed company in Dubai. In this case, you need to apply your convincing ability to overcome your negative thought that you are not good looking. You need to challenge yourself to prove you wrong.

Example 3

You are about to start a company in Dubai. You are thinking to invest in the oil market as you researched that in Dubai, investing in the oil market is profitable. But some of your friends are not supporting you. They start to tell you to invest in Dubai is a risk. Rather do other things. In this situation, if you think you are right, you need to keep yourself away from those persons who are discouraging you and find and consult someone who will encourage and support you.


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