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Self-esteem is one’s overall subjective sense of personal value or worth. In other words, how much one appreciates and loves himself. Each and everyone has self-esteem. It is cumulative thoughts that people have about themselves and it plays a very important role in every kind of works. Self-esteem can be categorized into 02 categories. One is healthy or positive self-esteem (I am good, I am worthy) and another one is weak or negative self-esteem (I am unloved, I am not good). Self-esteem can be defined by the following factors:

  • Self-confidence,
  • Feeling Competence,
  • Acceptance
  • Appreciating,
  • Identity,
  • Sense of belonging.

Self-esteem is very much important for all types of works. Sometimes achievement depends mostly on self-esteem. It is a vital fact in life. So all should develop this among themselves from childhood.

Self-esteem is very much important for the proper mental growth of the kids. It builds confidence and motivates doing something good in life. Every parent must help their kids to develop self-esteem among themselves. Teenage is the best time to nurture kids. Teenage is like clayey soil which is used to make any type of shape by the blacksmith. Like the blacksmith, parents should teach their kids the good things and let them build up positivity and self-esteem in themselves. If a teenager, grows up with healthy self-esteem, there will be no doubt he will be successful in his career as well as life. He may fail once or twice or maybe thrice but he will learn how to get up and start again.

If parents fail in the kids’ development stage, it will suffer the kids and parents for the rest of their life. So when parents think they are not good enough to do so, they need to call the professionals to do the job for them without taking any chance. The professionals I am telling about are the teenager coaches. Teenager coaching is not only for kids. Even parents can also attend sessions from them. Teenager coaching is a lifelong solution for the parents and the kids.

Mohammed Delawer, a teenager coach in Dubai said that “Don’t let the teenage wasted by not developing self-esteem in your kids because their career mostly depends on it.”

Some kids get healthy self-esteem by born, some achieve naturally and some need to learn. But it needs to be enhanced, developed, and supervised by the parents or professionals.

There are many possible ways to enhance self-esteem. 5 major strategies to enhance the self-esteem of teenagers are as follows:

  1. Unconditional Love: Parents’ love must be unconditional. Parents need to assure their kids that their love does not depend on their results, performance, or any other factors. When kids will realize that they do not have any risk of losing their parents’ love to them, the confidence level inside them will develop automatically. Sometimes burden and fear decrease confidence. So unconditional love will increase their confidence level as well as self-esteem.
  2. Stop social comparison: It is a very serious issue. Sometimes parents compare their kids with other kids in society or school or college. If other kids get higher marks than their kids or achieve something that their kids could not achieve, they often get frustrated and give a lecture to the kids. But one day this frustration of parents will transfer to the kids and the impact will be very bad. Comparing with other kids affect the brain and mind of the kids. So parents need to be very careful regarding the fact. Parents need to think positively and also teach their kids to think positively. They need to acknowledge their kids in small success, encourage them to learn from failure, and also focus on individual improvement.
  3. Let them fail and teach them to start over again: Sometimes failure is more valuable than winning. Parents need to learn this and also teach this lesson to their kids. Teenagers must keep in mind that, failure is not the end. Rather it is a new beginning. They should not be sad when they fail. They should collect the good things from the failure and restart again. When they will learn it, their self-esteem will go beyond the expectation.
  4. Let them solve their problems: Parents need to be supportive, it’s true. But they need to leave their kids alone to solve their problems. Solving problems makes a kid ready for his life. For example, if a kid never learns to walk because he has been carried around by his parents all the time, he will never learn to jump. Similarly, kids need to find their problems and try to solve them by themselves. Parents might give suggestions to their kids, but kids need to reach the ultimate solution on their own. It will help the kids to enhance the self-esteem.
  5. Take guidance from a teenager coach: Teenager coaching is one of the branches of life coaching. Teenager coaching is designed in such a way so that kids get confident among themselves while kicking out all the frustration, stress, and anxieties. The role of a teenager coach to enhance the self-esteem of any teenager cannot be explained in few lines. To guide parents and their kids properly, teenager coaching has been introduced by highly trained professionals with lots of experience. They guide the parents to nurture their kids and also help the kids to self-development. They help the kids to be self-dependent, confident and find out their interests, let them set a proper goal for their life, and guide them to reach that goal. The teenager coaching includes:
  • Building confidence as well as healthy self-esteem,
  • Parenting,
  • Setting and achieving goals,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Stress managing,
  • Sharing problems,
  • Career choosing,
  • Increase creativity,
  • Becoming resilience,
  • And many more.

 Teenager coaching in Dubai is very much famous all over the world. Parents and kids all over the world can attend the course of teenager coaching by making online appointments. Yes!!! Many teenager coaches in Dubai are taking online sessions to stay closer to you. Teenager coaching is very useful for the brighter future of the kids and enhancing their self-esteem.


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